More Charlottesville Chaos, History Purging As City Council, Mayor Surrender To “Protesters”

charlottesville meeting

The leftists who showed up to disrupt the Charlottesville city council  meeting sounded a lot like the ones that infamously chased down Lou Dobbs and Former Governor Pat McCrory in DC during the leftist demonstrations following the inauguration of President Trump. The same Soros – Obama national agitation and disruption program continues and expands to this day.

The chants of “shame” they were spewing against him for standing up to their fellow perverts, who wanted the state of North Carolina’s blessing and endorsement for the privilege of being naked with little girls and women, the normalization of perversion, are the same being leveled against their former allies, now relegated to pawn and victim status. They now share the same status as the rest of the America, enjoying the progressive equality under the eyes of their globalist masters.

But they’re not finished with their willing tools and accomplices quite yet. Mayor Signer and perhaps others on the city council are likely still playing a role in the leftist scheme, abandoning their scheduled agenda in order to meet their common objectives, the demands of the disrupters.

Progressives are never satisfied, with every victory in their war on America representing just another new starting point for the demand or assault, there is no end or peace with them. Despite having successfully branded the President a white supremacist in the eyes of many, there’s much more on their agenda.

The Charlottesville city council easily knuckled under to the pressure, agreeing to cover two prominent confederate statues with shrouds. They also voted to take the first procedural steps for the removal of a statue of Confederate Gen. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson that was to have been left in place.

The purge continues and this is just the beginning. The statues will be removed, the agitators are emboldened now. They’ll be back with more demands, more disruptions and more physical conflicts. Charlottesville city leadership will get exactly what they and the libtards who elected them deserve, more of the chaos they enabled.

Leftist Charlottesville Mayor Signer calls this kind of chaos “catharsis”

The complicit mayor, Mike Signer, who, along with VA Governor McAuliffe, started the whole mess by inviting the Antifa, BLM and communists in to rough up the Unite the Right protesters, engaged in the type of pandering blathering that’s been his trademark at least since this situation first developed and probably long before. He babbled in his defense, “I think what you saw last night was a traumatized community beginning the process of catharsis.”

Catharsis, in his leftist dictionary, naturally means more chaos fueled by more protest. Three were arrested during the meeting and there was considerable shouting and threats. There was also the ubiquitous leftist chanting, some of it the “shame” which they seem to have no concept how to properly define or embrace.

During the meeting, many speakers voiced their anger at Signer for allowing “white supremacists” to speak in their city. Maybe they should have left well enough alone and not tried to purge their history, but that isn’t part of the plan. Purging not only eliminates the white history and promotes diverse ignorance, it offers them an opportunity to rebrand nationalism as racism. They also have a great method of stirring up hatred between the races, a globalist must.

Emblematic of the mental illness rampant on the city council, Councilwoman Kristin Szakos, who proposed covering the statues, said, “I believe that the removal of the Confederate statues is a necessary part of showing that this community can be truly a community of mutual respect. We must do that if we hope to move ‘forward’ to true justice and equity. We should have done it years ago.” Obviously she sleeps with a copy of Mein Kampf on her nightstand and Rules for Radicals under her pillow.

This is today’s America. Where a true leader like former Governor McCrory is somehow given the same treatment as leftist scumbag Mayor Signer. Both are pelted with shouted chants of “shame.” One completely undeserved and the other, Signer, as a conduit for even more shameful, anti-American activity.

Below Lou Dobbs and Former Mayor McCrory are chased by leftist thugs with the same chant


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