Morally Bankrupt Dems Laughingly Mock Dead American Kids Killed By Illegal Aliens

disrepectful mocking dead dems


President Trump pointed to four Americans he invited to be in the audience at his speech to the Joint Session of Congress, one of whom was Jamiel Shaw, who’s son was murdered by an illegal alien gang member who had just been released from prison.

Jamiel Shaw Sr., the father of the young man killed, describes the importance of having his son recognized by the President of the United States during that speech to the nation and of having something finally being done to get the vermin that did this to his family and countless other Americans out of our country.

President Trump made an announcement at that time regarding the VOICE office under Homeland Security, which will take funding that is currently being misspent assisting illegal aliens and use it to help the American victims of the crimes of illegal aliens and their families. That office, Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office, will assist Americans such as Mr. Shaw in dealing with the horrible life-destroying circumstances created by the lawless obstructionists on the left.

As he announced it the some Democrats can be heard booing and murmuring. Mr. Shaw is asked what his reaction was to the insulting behavior of the Democrats. He replied, “Oh my God, I was like, man, what do they want? I mean, it’s nothing, I mean, they don’t want nothing but division, you know, bickering. They don’t want to solve no problems, they don’t want to help kids or husbands and family members that’s been murdered by illegals.”

He points out, “I mean just the  way they did that was just so disrespectful. But it’s bigger than them so I just, you know, just keep on moving, just ignore them, like they do me.” We are then reminded that his wife was actually deployed overseas in the military at the time that an illegal killed her son on American soil. That while she was serving our nation, protecting others, nobody did anything to protect her son back here at home. Host Ainsley Earhardt asks him who he blames.

Mr. Shaw says he blames “the illegal alien loving politicians, the police chief in LA, the mayors, city council, board of supervisors, Sacramento; they’re all in the tank you know. I mean, it’s not fair, you know. We deserve more. And they get these jobs, they promise us everything and they get in there and just eating good and drinking good. They don’t care about us.”

He’s asked what that illegal has done to his family. Mr. Shaw says, “Well it destroyed it. It’s making us stronger but who wants to get stronger because of death? It broke us down, you know. It hurts every day we have to miss him, holidays, birthdays. Just every day, whenever we leave our house we see the spot where he was murdered. When we come home we see that spot. It’s like a brain tattoo.

As this heartbroken father and countless others deal with their devastating losses and the unimaginable grief that goes with it, they have to watch these pompous fools in their white clown suits giggling like ignorant school children and giving the thumbs down sign as their President reaches out to help them. These Democrats are beyond description. Despicable, subhuman and loathsome only being to describe them.  

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11 Comments on Morally Bankrupt Dems Laughingly Mock Dead American Kids Killed By Illegal Aliens

  1. By representatives, I meant they were representing women and the Democrats. In their representation, they showed what all Republicans and sensible Democrats already knew. These kind of Democrats have gone left so far they have left the playing field and are beyond the bleacher seats.

  2. May God bless the families of these victims. May time ease their pain. As for the shameless Democrats that acted in such a manner, maybe it’s time to drug test every single representative. Nothing else makes sense. Nobody acts out like this unless they are messed up on something or they are just plain evil, stupid and heartless. At no time, that I can remember, did the Republicans Jeer, gesture or act this way during something so solemn and heartfelt.

  3. As a United States citizen and parent I would like to apoligize to Mr Shaw from the deepest part of my heart for the rude and immature behavior of elected officials during the time of honoring his son’s life with the creation of VOICE. Sadly and tragically through your loss and endless grief I have learned who is NOT fit to be re-elected. Your neighbor in the USA. May God comfort you and your family.

  4. TONYA PARNELL // March 2, 2017 at 6:38 pm // Reply


  5. Who were the two women in white with their thumbs down when the President mentioned the support for families whose loved ones were killed by illegals?

  6. Trump’s election was America’s personal miracle! The American people denounced the rampant lunacy,evil,corruption, murderand islamafication of the Demoncratic party November 9th,2016.Now the left is in full panic mode because they couldn’t cheat enough to win and they underestimated the American people.

  7. What stinks more; Democrats or sewage.

  8. Julia Kessler // March 2, 2017 at 9:36 am // Reply

    The democrats are the most awful people on the face of the earth. You are so crass. You have crossed the line. Your party is going to loose elections from now on. You have splintered so badly you have no hope of any political power anymore WHY because you have a hard heart and a back soul!!!

  9. Julia Kessler // March 2, 2017 at 9:33 am // Reply

    Please keep doing the best that you all can. You are doing great #MAGA!!

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