Montel Williams Goes Full Whacko Libtard In Trump Hating Transition To Dark Side

montel williams


Chris Matthews left little doubt as to where this interview was headed from the opening sentences. It’s a Trump-bashing event. Everybody is having laughing and having a great time; there’s nothing they’d rather be doing. He gives the opening shots to Jonathan Capehart, a homosexual black guy who writes for the Washington Post and mean-spirited female tool of the leftist establishment, Katy Turd, who has continued crafting her fake, distorted stories into the coverage of the administration.

Their comments aren’t noteworthy, they’re the same snooty, condescending criticisms that we’ve heard countless times, but what might be surprising to some is the radical turn that Montel Williams has taken. He has found a new place to spew since he walked out on Bill O’Reilly at MSNBC and apparently an intensified hatred for conservative Americans, Republicans and the man we elected to make America great again.

Williams starts his tirade at about the 1:53 point in the video. He dismisses his generalizations of the President decrying “any form of racism,” saying, “Well, if he was, why do we not see him standing on television saying, ‘We are going to use the power of my office to hunt down anyone who turns over any tomb or any grave, any gravestone. I’m going to hunt down every single person who attacks or has filed a false complaint against any synagogue in America.”

Not that his sentence made much sense on its own, but it is a very weak position to demand that the President respond in a particular prescribed manner and if he fails to do so it’s a license to label him as a racist or anti-Semite. Montel is reaching and grasping at straws to fit in at his new anti-American home network.

Williams and the other enlightened liberals hear a dog whistle blowing for the Trump supporters, who according to more unintelligible rantings of Williams, “Twenty-five percent of his voting group understands that they agree with him in all of the nasty rhetoric.”

Williams appears angry as he says, ‘And the campaign is all about protecting America.” He then pulls his own fake news non-fact out of the thin air, saying, “Let’s remember something that nobody has reported on yet. Up until Miami, or Orlando shooting, there were more people killed in this country by white separatists and cops killed.” You’re going to need to provide a source on that one, Williams. And just so you know, your butt is not an acceptable reference resource.

He accuses Trump of targeting people based upon their religions, that he’s gone from Muslims to Jews to blacks. A thinly-veiled comparison to Hitler. For the past few years Williams has been quite the advocate for homosexual causes, so that may be underlying some of his vitriol. Then again he could simply be out of the closet living life as he’s always repressed and never allowed himself in the past, free now to openly be a black supremacist who hates whitey.

The unhinged libtard Williams then complains that some handicapped people were being screamed down “recently,” as if having a disability is a license to disrupt and take over an event. Nobody supporting Trump would jump on a handicap person without it being done in response to something very offensive they did. Montel may have them confused with his thug brothers in Black Lives Matter.

Montel Williams always was the drama queen when he had his talk show, but back then he could keep everything in perspective and pull it off. Now that he’s become a spokesman for the homosexual agenda and gone heavy, hard, full left into radicalism, he’s lost that ability. Fortunately for him, he doesn’t need perspective or rational thought as long as he can keep getting booked on MSNBC or CNN. And as long as he lacks perspective and rationality, getting rebooked should be automatic.

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