Monkey Faced Istanbul Terrorist Took Selfie Video – Sheer Genius

monkey faced istanbul terrorist


It would be far too simplistic of a question to ask what is wrong with this guy and the list of answers would be quite long. The terrorist who shot up the Reina nightclub and killed 39 innocent people certainly appears to have a major chip on his shoulder.

His name isn’t important, neither is his phony cause. What is important is that he is found and hopefully interrogated in a most thorough and painful manner in order that answers to the organization behind his actions can be extracted. He’s not in the US or Germany where terrorists and illegal aliens have more rights than the native population and more legal protections. He’s in Turkey, run by a ruthless and increasingly dictatorial president who is intent on dealing with his terrorist problem.

Not since Hussein Obama made a trip to a glacier in July to show us that ice melts has there been such a narcissistic fool on such a pointless walk around. Just as with Obama, the terrorist is focused on his own image in the cell phone. His gaze barely shifts from the stark stare of a madman, apparently wanting to leave something for his family or fellow ISIS pigs to remember him by.

Nice hair, Muhammad or whatever your insignificant name is. Was it your freakish looks that led you to hate normal people? Was it your inability to grow a decent beard, even by Western standards, or something else. Little trouble with the favorite goat got you feeling inadequate? If John Kerry can overcome his problem with his appearance anyone can. He’s a role model for people like you that you should have taken advantage of.

The little worm walks around like he’s on the verge of stardom, as they like to pretend that being a butcher somehow transforms their worthless lives into something to be respected. It doesn’t Moe, you’re trash, you’ll be caught and you’ll be dealt with. You may think that your supposed god of death and brutality will reward you for killing innocent people with a ticket to heaven. The Christian God has a remedy for your kind and it’s nothing like that, as you’ll learn one day.

Hopefully this idiot’s vanity in providing this video for law enforcement and the general public to track him down with will speed the process up considerably and along with it his ultimate demise. He’s not only a despicable piece of trash, he’s a vain idiot as well. That’s how he ended up being a terrorist and he’s still too stupid to realize just how much he’s being played.

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