Moment Russian FSB Captures Armed Suspect In St. Petersburg Attack

fsb captures st petersburg terrorist


One of the perpetrators of the bombing of the Russian subway system in St. Petersburg on April 3rd is now believed to have been captured, and the moment of the apprehension was captured on video tape. That blast, in addition to the property damage and disruption to the services, killed ten innocent people and injured fifty more.

Take down was made in a remote area, where the likelihood of encountering or injuring civilians in the process was minimal. It took place on a pathway leading up to a set of train tracks, upon which a train was passing at the same time. That made their running approach virtually silent to the unsuspecting fugitive terrorist. Surely the FSB agents appreciated the opportunity to reciprocate with their own sneak attack on the bad guys who planted bombs in the middle of unaware citizens.

Additionally, the first two FSB agents to engage the suspect were approaching from the opposite direction of those who were accompanied by the cameraman, giving them the advantage of having his escape route cut off and being able to attack from two directions simultaneously. They had him smothered before he ever knew what hit him.

As the terrorist was walking down the remote footpath, two FSB agents approach from the opposite direction, appearing to simply be regular pedestrians. As they get right up to the suspect, one grabs his right arm and the other the left, taking him down to the ground almost immediately. Handcuffs, now a permanent component of the rest of his despicable life, are applied to the terrorist.

Although not evidence in itself that they had the right guy, following his being restrained, the initial search of the suspect revealed he was carrying a pistol, making him armed, and if he is who they think he is, very dangerous.

He can be sure that Vladimir Putin is going to be quite motivated to make an example out of him, as St. Petersburg is Putin’s home town. His interrogation may not be exactly by the book, but he almost certainly will tell everything he knows. He probably already has. They might keep asking, though, just for the fun of it.


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