Mom Outraged Daycare Forced Her Son To Kiss Another Boy

green spin bottle son forced kiss


The “It takes a village” liberals and anything goes “gender confusion” movement are working through the education system to replace parents in influencing their children and to pollute their little minds with their distorted beliefs, to displace their natural, traditional beliefs. Having to trust their children to daycare workers is an unfortunate reality for millions of parents in America today, forced by economics to leave them with others while they work. They have a right to expect that their kids won’t be abused.

The inexcusable behavior began with a daycare worker seating a group of toddlers around a table for a game of spin the bottle. What kind of brain thinks something like that, particularly with other people’s kids, is appropriate? A poisoned, liberal, agenda-driven, pro-homosexual or gender blending brain. The same liberal perverts who will teach them when they’re in college the benefits of purging themselves of their “toxic masculinity.” 

Dominique Green just learned of the incident, which happened a few months ago, when a friend of hers showed her a video. Ms. Green’s child, a four year old boy, was forced to kiss another boy when the bottle pointed their way. She told the KFOR-TV reporter, “I’m standing up for these children, because somebody needs to.”

 The friend found the video after it had been posted to Snapchat by an employee of the offending “Little Angels Daycare.” Green said, “She told me ‘You know, I don’t know if you’re going to like this video. You know, it’s really bad.’” Green said.

The video shows the children seated around a table with a drink bottle in the middle being spun. It opened with a caption reading, “The girl is playing spin the bottle.” It soon switches to video of Ms. Green’s 4-year-old son who is seen being forced to kiss another young boy. The with a caption that indicates they were being forced by “Shawna.” Shawna needs to be talking to the police, that’s child abuse.

Green said she then immediately called the owner, who replied, “Well, I looked at it, and I don’t see anything wrong.” Green said from that point on she was depicted as overreacting, of having blown it “out of proportion.” She reported the incident to the state Department of Human Services.

Green says, “It’s sick, and I don’t see anything funny about the video. It’s sickening for a mother to watch that, and I just sit back and don’t say anything about it?” Green added, “It’s already on social media. So, everybody has seen my son being bullied and doing sexual things. It’s just crazy.”

Managers at the Little Angels told station KFOR that the game in which the children are seen sitting around as the bottle in the middle is spun in what appears to be a game of “spin the bottle” was actually something else. They also said that it was common for young children to kiss and hug, as if they were voluntary acts on the part of the child. The boys weren’t doing it because they wanted to, they were being forced into it and were uncomfortable. And it’s not common for little boys to kiss other little boys, not if they’re raised right and Ms. Green certainly appears to be doing her best by her son.

It’s time for a little review of the licensing at Little Angels and some interviews with the kids. If they’re willing to lie in the face of video evidence like this, what else are they covering up?

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