Mnuchin – NFL Player Free Speech Stops When They Put On The Uniform

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Leftist Martha Raddatz attempts to paint Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin into a corner and in the same process paint President Trump’s defense of America as being racist.

Defending America is likewise mislabeled as racism by these same anti-Americans in support of open borders. Presumably we could keep out white people without them complaining because racism against whites is acceptable and Democrat-RINO endorsed, but otherwise the propaganda brush is working feverishly.

She asks, “With all the urgent issues, Korea, health care, why is the President even talking about NFL players and disinviting NBA players to the White House?”

Mnuchin lays out some basic logic for Raddatz, giving the disrespectful slugs on the field and in sports management an opportunity to do the right thing by our country, if they happen to be among those who respect our nation, and to be forced into civilized behavior if they are among the agenda-pushing liberals who couldn’t respect America less.

He says, “The NFL has all different types of rules. You can’t have stickers on your helmet. You have to have your jerseys tucked in. I think what the President is saying is that the owners should have a rule that players should have to stand in respect for the National Anthem.”

He continues, “This isn’t about Democrats, it’s not about Republicans, it’s not about race, it’s not about free speech. They can do free speech on their own time. That this is about respect for the military and the first responders and the country.”

Raddatz had the choice of language used by President Trump as the next item on her “gotcha list,” asking Mnuchin if that is the kind of language he should be using. Mnuchin replies that “the President can use whatever language he wants to use.”

Raddatz, either demonstrating her ignorance or simply her commitment to the destruction of this nation asks, “Is it not about the First Amendment, is it not about their First Amendment rights?” Mnuchin tells her what she likely is only pretending not to know, saying, “No, it’s not. They have the right to have their First Amendment off the field.”

“This is a job,” says Mnuchin, “and the employers have the right, when the players are working, to have rules. So why didn’t they wear stickers, why didn’t the Dallas Cowboys, why were they not allowed to wear stickers in response to people they wanted to pay respect to?”

Rather than asking Americans if they agree with President Trump, or more likely because they did ask and Americans overwhelmingly do, she throws up a poll without the specifics of the wording of the question, that indicates twice as many Americans find President divisive as do a unifier. She follows that up by reading the full text of a cookie cutter endorsement of his players by Patriots owner Bob Kraft.

Based upon that weak premise and in total ignorance of the true divisive factors of her sponsors George Soros and Hussein Obama, Raddatz asks, “So this goes just beyond this issue, we’re talking about dividing the country. [The Obama objective beginning with Ferguson] Is this a unifier?”

Mnuchin gives it right back to her in her craggy mug, saying, “I think the President was trying to unify the country, because the National Anthem is about unification. And I think the owners have the right. They should have a meeting, they should decide. They make the rules and they should decide.”

Free speech extends to the public more directly than it does to the athletes in their workplace. We have a right to speak out and have a right to be disgusted by what we see and to stop supporting it. President Trump also has a right and an obligation to speak on behalf of the nation to encourage the cowardly owners to do what they should be doing in reining in corralling their unruly livestock.

We’re under no obligation to watch their games and the more they insist on insulting and angering the American public, the fewer dollars that will be available for those big salaries. You better be putting some of that big money in the bank, boys. You might need it.

You disgust us, we don’t like you, and we want to see you asking, ‘what did we do?’ as you look for a regular job as an illiterate, unskilled ingrate.


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6 Comments on Mnuchin – NFL Player Free Speech Stops When They Put On The Uniform

  1. All of you are right. I say we induct the player idiots into the armed services so they can see first hand what our soldiers do for our country and flag. Martha loud mouth is disgusting too. She pushes people to say what she wants to hear, even if it’s not true. She is constantly yelling and interrupting the person she is interviewing. Soros and Obama are behind all of these nasty tricks trying to ruin our country. We need to lock them all up. Gitmo has lots of room now. Then there’s the moron Clinton. She needs to go too. Also McCain and Ryan, the turn coat back stabbers. The players also made this whole thing a racist happening and that the President is racist. They don’t realize how lucky they are to be making millions of dollars.I wonder how many of them have the brains to get a regular job.

  2. Who said the brat NFL players will kneel on the football field but, not in church nor been inside of a church.

  3. Now TRUMP is dividing this country??? Only a complete and utter unAmerican asshole would say that, in my opinion! Look at how Hussein divided this country racially and morally and look how Trump has tried to bring God fearing Americans back to our forefront. To say that President Trump is dividing this country shows exactly how far off base liberals have gotten. It is to the point of idiocy and yet far beyond! Only a liberal owner would allow his team to take a knee during the National Anthem. There again, only a liberal owner would pick yet another QB for his team but not fix the offensive line that allows hoards of defensive players to wreak havoc on these QB’s. Is this smart business? Hell no, but this is the way this team swings! When this team played, I used to watch it because it was entertaining. This was the only team that invented new ways to loose a game. It was an adventure. Now, I would not watch this team if I were paid! It is the most unAmerican team I have ever heard of. President Trump is trying to reunite this country with only one problem. Half of the country understands what and who divided this country and the other half of this country has gone bat shit crazy! As far as what President Trump said about these players, he was right again!! These SOB’s should have been fired on the onset of this display of idiocy! The kind of role model that they are is absolutely not what any kid needs to see. If they hate our country, military and our heroes, leave!

  4. Those who kneel are un-American. They shouldn’t be getting paid millions of dollars to play on one of our teams. I get that. But I noticed that the Vikings all stood for the National Anthem. They also linked arms, including the coaches. Does that just stand for Unity? Or is it something else? Miami had a couple of kneelers, pooh on them.

  5. I know very little about Mnuchin but I like the way he didn’t mince words with that “craggy mug” (good one). These low life trash and their counterparts the ‘rapper’ culture have dragged our society to new lows. The left will not stop until they destroy the civil society everywhere.

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