Mitchell Taken Apart As She Attacks President For “Mean Man” Language

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State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert smiles as she calls on the reporter and it just drops off her face at the :03 second mark, exposing how she really feels about having to interact with such a dishonest fake news charlatan.

Nauert does a very effective job putting CFR globalist Andrea Mitchell Greenspan in her place in the Wednesday briefing. The MSNBC propagandist attempted to portray President Trump as another Kim Jong-un in his “fire and fury” warning to North Korea regarding their hostilities.

Quoting their usual stable of anti-American leftists and establishment RINOs, Mitchell said President Trump’s comments were “‘bombastic,’ in Senator Feinstein’s view, ‘not helpful,’ said Senator McCain, ‘that no other president, not Eisenhower, not Reagan, no other President that he knew of, would have used such language'” about the dictator hypocrite McCain called, in his legendary diplomatic style, the “crazy fat kid.”

Mrs. Greenspan attempts to insert the talking point that there was no communication of the President’s intent, implying that he’s impulsive, shooting from the hip and reckless on such an important issue.

Nauert tries to return the focus to reality and away from the ingrained “get Trump” line of thought, reminding Mitchell that President Trump’s language is not what is alarming, what’ alarming is two ICBM tests in less than a month and two nuclear tests that took place last year.

Reminding us that no matter what is happening, her network is always going to be in “get Trump first” rather than America first mode, Mitchell acknowledges the North Korea nuclear provocations but attempts to focus on what her CFR masters portray as the “unhelpful language” President Trump used.

She took a shot at President Trump, as have many other anti-Americans like her, equating the language of our President with that of Kim Jong-un. Nauert states that President Trump simply spoke to Kim Jong-un in a language that he understands.

Nauert doesn’t remind Mitchell Greenspan that it was the appeasement by Clinton, Bush and Obama that got us into this mess, but she certainly could have. A little leadership and manning-up back then would have prevented the crisis we find ourselves edging towards now.

In response to her continuing attempts to fabricate an image of chaos in their messaging, Nauert simply tells old bag, “I don’t know that I would agree with you on that” and moves on.


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6 Comments on Mitchell Taken Apart As She Attacks President For “Mean Man” Language

  1. Shirley Freeland // August 10, 2017 at 10:31 am // Reply

    It wouldn’t matter how President Trump warned NK he would have been criticized by the liberals like Andrea Mitchell. She thinks she is so important when no one really cares what she says or thinks. President Trump has many experienced people advising him what to do concerning this dire situation. He doesn’t need to left to continuously criticize every word and every move he makes.

  2. i called him that Marlene, because he is also INSANE if he thinks his piss ant country can win against us.
    i feel our Military will take out ALL HIS C&C AND BASES IN ONE MAJOR ATTACK.
    so it’s HIS MOVE.

  3. What I call that crazy fat kid is a heck of a lot worse, and more accurate, than the ‘crazy fat kid.’

  4. ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Issues Statement on North Korea That Makes President Trump’s Look Tame” Maybe the old bag would like a bout with Mattis as well. That should be even more fun.

  5. President Trump reminds me a little of President Teddy Roosevelt remarks of walk softly, but carry a BIG STICK.
    and Teddy had LIBTARDS IN HIS DAY AS WELL.
    so it’s a wait and see situation right now.

  6. Deplorable Doctor // August 10, 2017 at 8:05 am // Reply

    Wow! Heather Nauert is not only beautiful, but she has super communication skills!

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