Greta, Miller – Dems Opportunistic Hypocrites Lying About Executive Order

stephen miller


The segment opens with some of the most despicable people in this country spewing into a bullhorn and on camera, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Al Franken and the rest of the usual anti-American misfits. Democrat hypocrites are reveling in the attention and their opportunity to criticize President Trump for doing what is right and best for the America they hate and are preying upon.

The most extreme of hypocrites, Elizabeth Warren, is wearing a Planned Parenthood scarf as she says, “We are here to defend our moral foundation, we are here to live our values, to fight for our values, today and tomorrow and for as long as it takes to restore the basic decency and vision of this country.” She has no moral foundation, no baby murderers do. Restoring basic decency will involve eliminating her and most of her Democrat comrades from the scene, an appealing prospect. It cannot be achieved with them remaining in the mix.

She notes that establishment puppets and RINOs, including John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Lamar Alexander, Bob Corker, Marco Rubio and Tim Scott were voicing opposition and saying provocative things, although not bothering to mention that their loyalties lie with some Democrat and corporate establishment sponsors, everyone of them with the possible exception of Scott having demonstrated on multiple occasions the reasons why we need term limits for Congress.

As the contemptible and sad showboating continues by Democrats, against something their beloved communist Hussein Obama also did without so much as a peep in response, Greta Van Susteren invited Stephen Miller, the author of the Executive Action and a senior advisor to the President, in for a chance to set the record straight.

The stark difference between Miller’s thoughtful, reasoned approach to the claims of the Democrats and their hysteria immediately positions him as the more credible voice. He begins by refuting the rants of Elizabeth Warren, saying, “What she’s doing is attacking and undermining the Constitution of the United States and jeopardizing the rights and liberties of all American citizens. The reality is that there is no such thing and could never be, for a foreign national living in a foreign country to have a constitutional right to demand entry into the United States and with that entry the right to all of the taxpayer benefits that come with being a member of American society.”

He explains, “If such a right existed, as you well know, Greta, that would mean that any one of the seven billion people on the face of this earth who were denied a visa in a foreign country could then sue the American taxpayer and demand all the money in losses that they would have gotten if they had gotten  the visa. So no such right exists and every time we suggest that it does we weaken the rights of those living here lawfully today.”

Being on MSNBC seems to have impacted Greta’s intellect in a negative way as she makes the argument that it is a ban based upon religion. Miller explains to her that the Trump action is a continuation of something that was begun under the Obama regime and that it is a ban based on a list of countries, not on religion. Maybe she should still be watching “Hannity” or Tucker Carlson’s program on Fox.

Greta asks if it was rolled out in a clumsy manner based on reports that she’s hearing that DHS Secretary Kelly was not aware of it being implemented. Miller makes the point that almost everything negative that has been stated as fact about the implementation is false.

He also touches on the failures of the government in the past to protect Americans and the information that Van Susteren says she just got of further politicization of the DoJ, with a refusal to to defend the Executive Action by a acting AG, a holdover from the Obama regime, Sally Yates. More of the consequences of corrupt Democrat foot dragging as they showboat for the cameras on their little bullhorn. America is watching.

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