Military Supports Trump Transgender Policy For Sensible Military Reasons

john burk military

John Burk addresses the decision by DoD Secretary Mattis and President Trump to ban transgenders from serving in the military. He looks at it from the perspective of a military man, not that of a hysterical Democrat out to score political points or someone attempting to serve their own personal needs and agenda.

He supports President Trump in his decision, not seeing the LGBT discrimination that the leftists are trying to paint it as at all. He notes that military service is a very stressful environment, particularly a combat situation. He cites a 2017 article published by the American Psychiatric Association as listing gender dysphoria as a psychological disorder.

He points out, “A psychological disorder bans you from any type of military service, depression, anxiety, things such as that, a whole slew of things are involved in this. In the transgender community there’s a 61% suicide rate.”

He says, “The military is not a social experiment,” despite the efforts of Hussein Obama to turn it into one. The entire course of how the organization works cannot be changed to benefit a small demographic of people.

He also notes that the condition “first has to be diagnosed in the service member, they have to go through a series with their health care provider, the commander and the person themself, wanting the operation.” This all is paid for by the military which is funded by the American taxpayers.

He argues that there are many conditions that prevent people from being able to serve in the military, including the example he gives of color blindness, pointing to the laughable nature of a claim that the military discriminates against color blind people.

He says if the issue were put to a vote among people in the military that the “results would be overwhelmingly in favor of Trump’s decision,” reminding us that “ultimately that’s who it affects the most.”


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