Mike Ditka Unloads On “Journalists” Pressuring Brady To Betray Trump

mike ditka


Coach Mike Ditka is not politically correct in his thinking. He’s not always able to express his thought the way he would like to, but on Thursday he was in a free-speech zone, on the Bernie and Sid Show on (77WABC Radio).

He addressed the leftist establishment media types who are serving their globalist masters, working Tom Brady over real good for his friendship with President Trump. They want him to renounce him, something Brady has refused to do.

Ditka is asked, “What do you make, Iron Mike, Coach Ditka, of this crusade on the part of some sports ‘journalists’ to get Tom Brady to denounce his friend Donald Trump? Ditka replies, “Well, I think these people are, can I say this, that they’re assholes?” He says, “Yeah, well you don’t have a choice anymore in our country and if people disagree with my choice – fine.” If he disagrees with their choice that should be fine as well, that’s what made America great.

He says, “There’s going to be disagreement. I happen to support Donald Trump, I like Donald Trump, I think he’s the best man, best qualified person. I think he’ll do a great job for America.” He notes there are “a lot of people out there who don’t think that. We’ll have to wait and see. Let him do his job first. If he can possibly screw it up nearly half as much as Obama I’ll be surprised.”

He went on to discuss the spoiled brat attention hogs like Colin Kaepernick around the league and whether or not their antics played a role in the rough year commissioner Roger Goodell the NFL has had with their fans. The hosts believe Kaepernick has demonstrated that he is, like the ‘journalists’ who are berating Brady and who have exacerbated the disrespect of America among players at the start of games this season, also deserving of inclusion in the asshole category.

He has his own way of labeling Kaepernick as an ingrate who hasn’t got a clue and states what his response would have been if one of these snowflakes had pulled a stunt like and he were coaching them – they’d never play for him again.

The NFL management’s lack of testosterone and the leftist vacillation encouraged this type of thing by not only the league but the morally compromised coaching staffs and owners. They tolerated this crap under Goodell when a fine, bench time or other response would have been appropriate. It does seem like this off-season would be a good time for a change at the top for the league and many of their un-American franchises.

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