Mike Brown Dealing Drugs, Not A Drug Dealer – CNN Fake News Cuomo Fake Definition

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CNN is notorious for fake news and making up their own stories as they go along. Now they’re making up their own definitions too, as Chris Cuomo demonstrated during a recent debate over the new video of hood rat thug Michael Brown. Unbelievably, Cuomo declares that despite his having just watched video of Brown engaged in a drug deal, he wasn’t a drug dealer, placing emphasis on the word “dealer.”

The entire discussion is an example of liberal idiocy, with the police expert, retired NYPD Detective Harry Houck, appearing to do all he can to tolerate the retch-inducing behavior of the others. Cuomo says, “If taken on its face as purported in the documentary, it would go to the suggestion that Mike Brown wasn’t there to steal, he was there to do a ‘transaction,’ uh, which may or may not have been legal.” That’s a laborious and contorted way to walk around calling it what it was, a drug deal, an illegal drug deal.

All of it is empty distraction from the subsequent events surrounding his being shot. Brown attacked Officer Darren Wilson and tried to steal his gun. The surveillance footage still shows the thug brown picking up the little store clerk by the collar. The fact that he was there to do a drug deal and went back the next day to get his Swisher Sweets is completely irrelevant but the three libtards are acting like they just discovered gold.

Houck makes the point, “It still shows him as a drug dealer anyway, if this is true. He quotes someone as stating that Brown was giving marijuana in exchange for cigarillos, as Cuomo says, “that doesn’t mean he’s a drug dealer.” First of all the cigarillos are for the sale of marijuana and secondly Cuomo knows better, by definition one who deals in drugs is a drug dealer and he’s seen the video of Brown dealing.” Cuomo is a CNN man through and through.

Houck says, “That’s a drug deal, Chris, it’s a drug deal. It doesn’t matter how it’s done. If I give you drugs for something it’s a drug deal; you go to jail.” Trying to salvage his having just been exposed as a lying liberal hypocrite, Cuomo decides to emphasize the last syllable and declares “that doesn’t make him a drug dealer, that’s all I’m saying.” Houck dismisses his flailing, saying, “and what I’m saying is that basically, it is.”

Cuomo was one of those who was the most demonstrative over being labeled as fake news. Maybe he’s a little sensitive about it because he knew we were on to him.

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2 Comments on Mike Brown Dealing Drugs, Not A Drug Dealer – CNN Fake News Cuomo Fake Definition

  1. Dr. Deplorable // March 14, 2017 at 9:25 pm // Reply

    One look at Chris Cuomo and you know he is a Liar, much like the Clintons, Clapper, Lerner, Holder, Lynch, Kasich, Ryan, O’Vomit, Rice, Rubio, McCain’t, and Jerrett.

  2. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // March 14, 2017 at 7:26 pm // Reply

    The Lying, Loony, Hypocritical LibTurds are always looking for a way to change the Facts to their Factoids, Balderdash of BS.

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