Michele Bachmann – Globalists Battling To Conquer The World As Old As Mankind Itself

michele bachmann


Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann was interviewed Saturday, April 1st, on the program Understanding the Times, hosted by Jan Markell. The host noted, “It’s not just the American left, it’s the globalists around the world.  They really lost big time back on November 8th.”

Bachmann agreed, saying, “No, they really did. You’re right. And all you have to do is go back to the book of Genesis with the original builders of Babel. And it’s always been the same. There’s always been two competing ideologies: one that wants to follow the truth of the Lord God, and then those who want to rebel against the creator, God.”

She says, “And those who rebel, for some weird reason, their goal inevitably seems to be the creation of a manmade, one world system. And Scripture tells us that in the End Times that is what Anti-Christ will be, he will be a part of a one world system.”

“Well, we have people like that today, in our own day, that actually do want a border less world with a one world system, the G-28, the Davos types, the billionaires. And this is something that we need to realize isn’t something we’re making up with a conspiracy. This is a reality.”

“There are people who reject Judeo-Christian truth and instead want to insert and usurp control of all of our lives with a global economic and political government,” Bachmann said. Atheists like George Soros, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and others who dream of global domination, as Attorney General Jeff Sessions used to refer to them sarcastically and derisively in his Senate tenure, “the Masters of the Universe.”

They are truly intent on global conquest and making all of humanity their slaves. The United States must be abolished, or unrecognizable as a Judeo-Christian nation for that to happen. Our open borders, insane immigration policies that are little more than a state-sanctioned invasion, both in the United States and in Europe leave little doubt that Bachmann has it right.

It’s easy to get caught up in the obvious negative consequences of the fight against the global communists and focus on the language and cultural degradation and our survival as a nation and forget the fact that the real battle between good and evil is as old as mankind itself.

She knows, she’s had a front row seat to the invasion of Minnesota, the one that brought Democrat Keith Ellison to power.

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4 Comments on Michele Bachmann – Globalists Battling To Conquer The World As Old As Mankind Itself

  1. Michele Bachmann is right, and usually is. IMO she would have made a good President.

  2. Open the season on GLOBALIST and that will be the end of them.

  3. James H Swor // April 7, 2017 at 9:09 am // Reply

    Extensive comment deleted while trying to get a damn pop up out of my face. Wish you would use a different web server…

    • Rick Wells // April 7, 2017 at 9:21 am // Reply

      If I don’t have ads I can’t do this James, but I can’t be making it an obstacle to people being able to read what I write or irritating – can you tell me what ad it was, I’m not supposed to have any pop up but sometimes they sneak a new ad in on me that doesn’t meet my restrictions – I’d appreciate some info if you can so I can look into it. Sorry you had the problem.


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