Michael Savage – Wary Of Influence Of Generals On President Trump, Poking Russia Bear

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Radio host Michael Savage has concerns about the way and the direction in which President Trump is leading the country. Savage has been cited by President Trump as being critical in his being able to win the presidency, so it’s no small matter for him to speak out, as he did on Friday. He’s got problems with the president adopting his new, more militaristic, aggressive posture. His comments, in part, are below:

Democrats have been poking the Russian bear since Trump won the election. The constant accusations of them fixing our election is not making them friendly towards us in the least. And why are they doing it? Because Trump said he could work with them?

But it doesn’t stop there. People in Trump’s own sphere are turning him towards the beating war drums. Dems and the establishment GOP both handcuffed loyal Trump advisers like Jeff Sessions, and now Devin Nunes, to take themselves out of any investigations on the Russia conspiracy. Steve Bannon, a close adviser is asked to step down from his NSC role.

Who got to you Mr. President? Who is whispering in your ear and could have made you make this dramatic of a change towards Russia in just three days? I believe it’s the generals. Trump has given generals great power in his administration and they are using it to their advantage just like in WWI.

Like Trump, Woodrow Wilson ran on an America First platform. He was elected largely because he kept us out of the war in Europe. But someone got to him, too. They turned him to declare that ‘neutrality was no longer feasible or desirable.’ And after the war, when Wilson tried to rally the world for a lasting peace, and to form the League of Nations, our Congress wanted no part of it. And the deal that was reached to secure the peace in Europe became a punishment to the losers. And where did that lead? An even worse conflict where millions more died. That gave us the United Nations.

And what happened in that body yesterday? Nikki Haley, Trump’s pick for U.N. ambassador, laid the law down to Russia about the attacks in Syria, saying their acts were unconscionable, accusing them for their complicity in the deaths of children.

All of this is on the generals. Maybe Bannon was the one fighting with the generals, the only one standing against war, and now he’s gone. It’s generals who rushed world powers in WWI, and it’s happening again. Their powers increase with war. They shouldn’t want war, they should want peace.

President Trump came on the air with me and said if he was elected, he could talk to Russia even before he took office. That’s what making peace is about.

The Dems turned it into a crime and want to impeach him over it. The generals have gotten to him and turned him from peace with Russia. And the people standing in the way of war, like Steve Bannon, are being shown the door.

This beating of the war drums with Russia has to stop.

Source– michaelsavage.wnd.com


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2 Comments on Michael Savage – Wary Of Influence Of Generals On President Trump, Poking Russia Bear

  1. The Generals serve at the pleasure of the military-industrial complex who need the revenues from ongoing foreign conflict. This is their way of life, their culture. They know no different.

    Trump appears to be infatuated with the military. His display of respect is overly abundant. Your local shrink can help explain why. It results in them having an overwhelming influence on his actions. They believe Russia is still the USSR. They believe Assad kills his people with chemical weapons. They believe Iran is intent on wiping-put Israel and the U.S. And, they are causing Trump to believe everything they do. Trump has become overcome by his surroundings and seems to have forgotten some of the values that got him elected. The values of the people are no longer important to him. I hope I’m wrong.

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