Michael Savage – Kushners, Conway Not Royalty – Stinks Like A Paraguay Bordello

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Michael Savage gets really worked up about the mess we’re in politically and he’s more than just a little bit upset with the way the administration is conducting things, particularly when it comes to the Kushners.

He notes that even a hardcore libtard like Gavin Newsom, the California Lt. Governor, understands that the Russia, Russia, Russia obsession is a loser for the Democrats. Savage says, “Even he understands that Pelosi and the other gang of the Democrats are insane to keep this up.”

He references a demand by Nancy Pelosi to have all communications within the Trump family made public, basically mandating by Communist Party dictate an expanded version of the email releases from the “hacked” DNC server.

Savage says, “I agree with her, they should all be released, under one circumstance only. Are you ready for it? I want all of the texts, Twitters, etc or any other messaging from the Pelosi family and the Feinstein family to anybody over the last five years. Then I would say, we the deplorables, will have a chance to judge which party is more corrupt.”

Savage becomes angered as he goes on, saying the decision can then be made by “We the American people who feel screwed. We are screwed by all of them.” He then attacks those in power, including the conduct of members of the Trump team, whom he fervently supported throughout the campaign and in the early days of the administration.

“I’m so sick of this you have no idea,” says Savage. “You think I’m going to sit here and be an apologist for somebody you,re out of your mind. I got it up to here. Every day I open up another website, there’s Ivanka and schmuck, they’re at another party.”

“I’m supposed to now kiss their boots?” Savage blasts, “I’m sick of them all. I’m sick of the whole damn thing. I didn’t work all this hard to see him cavorting around like the prince and the princess running around. What do I give a damn if they’re going to a party here or a party there. Or see that – oh, don’t get me going on Kellyanne Conway.”

He asks, “What is she doing in the administration? The puppet of the Mercers. What is she doing at every dance, who is she? Where’d she come from? The whole system stinks, from the top to the bottom. The entire country is rotten. It stinks like a bordello in Paraguay, without air conditioning, in August.”


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10 Comments on Michael Savage – Kushners, Conway Not Royalty – Stinks Like A Paraguay Bordello

  1. Patricia Anno // July 16, 2017 at 5:28 am // Reply

    I personally love the Trump Family. I am not disappointed in seeing pictures of these beautiful accomplished son’s and daughters. I love picture of the grandchildren and when Joseph took his steps and Ivanka shared, it was nice. Someone saying there may be something about climate warming, now that angers me. If we should be so ignorant to send money to the UN lets make our own people wealthy first. One million dollars to every single legitimate American Citizens I believe there is 330,000,000 Americans. $1,000,000 dollars to each and everyone of us

    • What savage is referring to is not the family itself but the role they are playing in the administration, particularly since the Kushners are liberals and lobbying for liberal causes like the global welfare disguised as the climate hoax – his mention of the mercers indicates she’s there on behalf of the big money donors, in his opinion. I don’t think he’d have any problem at all if they were either onboard with the agenda as we voted or, better yet, not involved in the White House and policy at all. We didn’t vote for them and it does impact President Trump’s objectivity, we all have bias towards our family, whether it’s pro or con.

  2. WTH happened to him? Where does “they think they’re royalty” come from? I never got that impression, of course youre going to “turn around and see Ivanka” or Conway-they ARE in the White House and part of our President’s team. I’d say that sissy/narcissist O, and his thug administration,dumb dem globalists gave impressions they were royalty, big time. with their granting who they wanted exemptions, immunity, impunity and special favors all the time…The Trumps, Kushners or this administration doesnt play that shit.

  3. Deplorable Doctor // July 15, 2017 at 10:06 am // Reply

    I did NOT Vote for the Kushners! Tell them to go and urinate up a rope!

  4. Sherida Hardt // July 15, 2017 at 8:20 am // Reply

    August is winter in Paraguay.

  5. Susan Johnson // July 15, 2017 at 8:07 am // Reply

    Well I think Savage is reflecting the Psalm 2 warning. But we have to remember all the media is a propaganda machine, and brings those reports to discredit and dismiss any good that might be going on. We will all be faced with the evils of this as Savage said this stinks corrupt government that is not going away.

  6. Nancy Vinal (Watcher) // July 15, 2017 at 7:59 am // Reply

    People.. we have been scammed once again… this time the con-job is especially painful.

    We as a nation became enthused .. renewed.. invigorated even. We understood that our country was in tatters and we were looking for a “leader” like Vladimir Putin was for the people of Russia, we thought if Putin could lead Russia out of the quick sand that it was in, surely there was somebody out there for us.

    We were SOLD a blivet.. (old USMC expression for 10 pounds of shysa in a 5 pound bag), and Savage is spot on!

  7. I have some of the same thoughts. At some level I have to agree with Savage and am wondering WTH is going on? Have we been played? I cringe every time I hear Trump say what a great group of people, about the Congress. He now praises Macron and the French, I understand diplomacy, but there is no support for our way of life from the Frogs.

    I hear we may be supporting the Climate scam, at some level? It appears that princess Ivanka is steering the ship, and her feminist liberal ideas are definitely not what will fix our problems.

  8. Savage is unhinged. I’m going to ignore him for awhile until he gets it back together again. His statement and video are less than helpful or royalty!

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