Mexifornia Senator Demeans Tancredo When He’s Out Of Open Borders Arguments

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Former Colorado Congressman and Presidential candidate Tom Tancredo proves the real Americans with tolerance are conservatives like him as he puts up with a little Democrat worm who engages in the typical personal attacks and retch-inducing hypocrisy and dramatics that they are infamous for. The worm is California State Senator Kevin de Leon, a notorious open borders invasion advocate.

The long-winded Democrat uses the example cases that they’re discussing to attack Tancredo as having failed to do his job during his tenure in Congress, which he defines as not passing his amnesty. Tancredo was a pioneer in recognizing the threat posed by illegal immigration. He failed only to the degree that he was ultimately unable to rally sufficient support in opposition to Bush and in fighting for stronger protections against the invasion at that time. It was not for a lack of trying on his part.

Tancredo’s asked if it’s fair to deport people who have been here a long time. He notes, as an example, that just because someone gets away with not paying taxes for a lot of years doesn’t mean they’ll always be able to do so. The law does catch up with people sometimes. Similarly, with the case of illegals, while those who haven’t committed a crime aside from illegal entry or document fraud may escape for many years, that time of successfully getting away with it doesn’t absolve them of responsibility or potential legal consequences.

De Leon cites two instances from the entire nation as examples to distort into his false argument that ICE is targeting the illegals in the low priority group. He fails to note the circumstances, which were, for the case in Mississippi, the DACA illegal had allowed her permit to lapse and was arrested during that period of time. The Seattle incident was an illegal who had gang tattoos and had denied gang affiliation when he was granted his permit. Gang affiliation is a voids DACA protection. He was picked up when his illegal relatives were being arrested and the tattoos were seen by ICE agents.

De Leon goes out of his way to speak to Congressman Tancredo in a disrespectful manner, addressing him as “Tom” in a condescending tone, in addition to attacking him personally. The arrogant invasion proponent goes further in his demeaning conduct, telling the Congressman, who is completely calm though slightly animated, to calm down, essentially labeling him as a hothead.

He continues the obvious tactic after Burnett restores order saying, “Tom, I’m just going to ask you to control yourself, just for a quick sec.” He’s lucky they’re not in person because Tancredo might be tempted to beat the snot out of him and rightly so. This guy’s a despicable little worm, the essence of today’s anti-American Democrat.

Tancredo asks the worm how the conversation always gets back to him rather than the issues, having already noted that it’s due to his not having any valid arguments for his positions. Tancredo points out that he’s living inside of De Leon’s brain, that he’s obsessed with him. If Tom’s inside his brain, that really got to be some cramped accommodations.

De Leon makes the arguments that the wall is going to cost us money because we haven’t yet surrendered and accepted that we must grant amnesty to the squatters. He speaks as if normalizing open borders, and the discovery of a “magic document,” will automatically and suddenly make the border secure. The truth is he doesn’t want it secure, he supports the invasion, open travel between Mexico and the United States and the end of the United States as we know it.

De Leon might have been born in America but he’s not an American. He’s a racist globalist, intent on giving the United States away to his “Latino brothers and sisters.” All they have to do is get here and they’ve earned their squatters’ rights. They’re allowed to steal a piece of the American pie.

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