Mexico Officials Warn US – Border Wall Is An Act Of Aggression That Violates Their Sovereignty

mexico border wall


Our “friends” south of the border, the ones who are engaged in a slow motion conquest through the infiltration of their peasant population, don’t like the idea of us blocking their unimpeded access. Globalist Hussein Obama would never have done such a thing. He respected Mexico’s right to invade the United States. This guy Trump isn’t showing the proper respect and they’re offended.

Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Videgaray outlined our enemy to the south’s strategy for dealing with the interruptions to their aggression in comments made on April 25th to the Mexican Committee on Foreign Relations.

He opened his distorted propagandist observations saying, “Undoubtedly Mexican foreign policy faces unprecedented challenges. Today in the world there are threats to our paradigms of international coexistence that have been in force for decades.” Those threatened paradigms include the open invasion of America by Mexico. He considers our acts of self-defense to be aggression, a telling admission in itself, but there was much more.

He referred to the current mindset among the people of America as instance of the “outbreaks of isolationist protectionism, outbursts of nationalism that try to close the world and…question the principle of global integration.” Global integration is globalist control and one world government. We’re doing a lot more than questioning it Luis, we plan to stop it.

He said, “For decades Mexico has been a tireless promoter of openness to the world, to open up to us, with the conviction that we are a strong and sovereign nation, that we can establish relations with the rest of the world that are in the interests of Mexicans.” Actually that’s a lie, they defend their southern border in a manner they decry us attempting to implement today and it’s impossible for foreigners to get Mexican citizenship, let alone come and “just squat” in their country like their citizens do in ours. The openness they promote is one-sided openness to Mexicans. He says he wants to act in the interest of Mexicans, which is not very globalist compliant of him, but it’s different when he’s talking about his own country’s policies.

He said, “We recognize in the rest of the nations, including the United States sovereign nations, but we demand reciprocity in the recognition of national sovereignty.” It’s kind of choppy in the translation, Luis, is it safe to say you’re offering a “we won’t invade you if you don’t invade us” agreement? No, didn’t think so. While you’re demanding recognition of your sovereignty can you at least acknowledge that that same border needs to respected by your nation and its citizens as it pertains to the United States as well? You grow your crickets big in Mexico, eh Luis?

As if she were following up on the concept of one sided border “equality,” Deputy Alicia Pantoja added, “The sovereignty of the countries has limits, there are norms and principles of international coexistence. Especially when there is a territorial neighborhood. The wall itself is an aggression against Mexico. It is not just a political problem in the United States but an attempt to split a shared geographic neighborhood that has become social, national, for more than a century and a half, since the territories of the far north were amputated from the State of Mexico.

No, it’s an attempt to stop the infestation and takeover by your third world squatters of our nation, we actually don’t give a rip about your globalist “geographic neighborhood.” This is the survival of our nation we’re talking about, although it is nice of you to admit that you still see it as rightfully part of Mexico that was unfairly amputated. That must be the source of this perverted idea of a Mexican right to invasion you people have.

Mexico is not our friend, they are a hostile enemy flooding the United States with illegal drugs and people, and stealing our industrial base. The sooner the American people figure that out, and stand with President Trump in our defense, the sooner the economic and political recovery can begin.


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