Mexico Not Sending Their Best – Raw Sewage Streams Across Into US, Beaches

sewage california


Mexico isn’t just sending their worst in the form of illegal aliens pouring into the United States, raw sewage is the latest illegal export being dumped into the United States by the predator nation to the south. For almost three weeks the Tijuana River has been the unidentified source of a stench that has permeated much of southern coastal California near the border. The cause has now been pinpointed as millions of gallons of raw sewage being fed directly into the river.

The spill occurred on February 6th as “rehabilitation” efforts were being performed on a sewage collector pipe, the point of the rupture. The location was adjacent to the Alamar and Tijuana rivers, the second of which runs into Imperial Beach and then on into the Pacific Ocean.

Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina, an environmentalist, author, activist and surfer dude, criticized federal officials on both sides of the border for not alerting people to the spill. “It’s a major communication failure,” Dedina said. “It’s obviously something they knew for a very long time.” It was finally contained on Thursday, the 23rd, two and a half weeks later. In the mean time, 140 million gallons of raw sewage flowed into the US and out into the Pacific and our beaches.

Dedina, whose city is adjacent to the Mexico border noted that residents of that city had been complaining of the stink for weeks. He claims his efforts to get any type of response from the Mexicans or officials on the US side were futile. He noted that “sewage accidents” happen from time to time, but in this case, he’s not sure it was a complete accident. “If it would’ve been a sewage spill or a malfunction maybe they would’ve asked for help, but because it went on for so long, it was so much, possibly they were fixing something and decided just to not to let us know.”

His city is a metaphor for what Mexico is doing to the United States on a national level, and perhaps he should have been more focused on this serious problem. He was able to find time on Thursday to give a shout out to his fellow libtard bug-eaters, writing on his Facebook page, “Thanks to the Global Wellness Institute for featuring Imperial Beach in a short video about why we have embraced Global Wellness Day.” Not so sure that whole wellness theme doesn’t have a conflict with the reality of swimming or surfing in an ocean of raw sewage, Mayor.

Dedina said his office will demand an investigation into the spill and its aftermath, saying, US officials “must make fixing sewage infrastructure a priority and issue of national security.” We should have laws requiring Mexico to keep all of their crap in their own country and they should be fully enforced, don’t you agree, Mr. Mayor – dude?

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