Mexico Insists Won’t Accept Other Nation Illegals They Helped, Allowed Into US

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Mexico has been quite comfortable and prospering from the free ride they’ve been enjoying on the backs of the American people. Our own exploitative leaders have for decades enabled our enemy to the south to behave in an aggressive, predatorial manner towards the US and rewarded them for doing so. Our leadership has done progressively less and less to protect the American people since the time of the first Bush, with the situation becoming intolerable over the last eight years. Mexico expected their, great, self-serving parasitic arrangement to continue indefinitely. The arrival of Donald Trump on the scene changed all of that. Now the mosquito is angry that it’s been brushed aside. We’re experiencing push-back to our having finally stood up and said “no more.”

On Wednesday, Mexico’s Foreign Minister, Luis Videgaray, expressed his nation’s displeasure at the new rules that are being imposed upon his pissant nation. One provision in particular, that involves the United States repatriating illegals in our nation to their nation of entry, regardless of their particular nationality, has them up in arms. Since Mexico has been offering their official services in the areas of trafficking, allowing and facilitating the transit across their nation as a gateway to the United States, Mexico faces the prospect of having a huge number of illegals inside their country, as the unintended consequences of their filthy labor.

They’re refusing to comply, at least for now, and they’re not too happy about the way much of the rest of the immigration front is progressing either. They were angered by Tuesday’s announcement of a departure from the Obama open borders that have been crippling our nation and a return to immigration law enforcement. That means the infestation of two-legged parasites that they’ve dispatched northward will now begin to return to where they belong or where they entered the US from.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly were scheduled to travel to Mexico Wednesday for what the White House described as a “walk through” of the implementation of the renewed immigration policies.

The lead negotiator for Mexico, Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray, who was inserted into that position in January in order for them to better negotiate with the Americans, said there was no way Mexico would accept the new rules.

In a statement at the Foreign Ministry before a gathering of representatives of his government and the globalist busybodies of the UN, Videgaray proclaimed, “I want to say clearly and emphatically that the government of Mexico and the Mexican people do not have to accept provisions that one government unilaterally wants to impose on the other.” He added, “We will not accept it, because there’s no reason why we should, and because it is not in the interests of Mexico.” Videgaray said the issue would dominate the talks, taking place on Wednesday and Thursday.

Roberto Campa, who heads the human rights department of the Interior Ministry, clarified, saying, Videgarya was referring to the plan to deport non-Mexicans to Mexico. He called it “hostile” and “unacceptable.”

It was fine for them all when the illegals were coming in and the coyotes were getting rich, the cartels making their fortunes and the crooked politicians getting their cuts. Now that they’re faced with having created their own domestic illegal immigration crisis, it’s somehow unfair. It’s part of that “it’s always ok to screw America” philosophy that they shared with the Obama, Bush and Clinton regimes.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer said, “I think the relationship with Mexico is phenomenal right now.” Maybe he should be paying more attention, explosive and receiving a much needed course correction seems like a better description.

According to Reuters, the Thursday talks will focus on the issues of “border infrastructure, deportation strategies, Central American migration, narcotics, arms trafficking and terrorism, and the North American Free Trade Agreement.”

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16 Comments on Mexico Insists Won’t Accept Other Nation Illegals They Helped, Allowed Into US


  2. The Mexicans are in denial. They talk big now because that’s all they ever needed to do to get their own way.
    It still hasn’t sunk in that they’re not talking to a treacherous muslim anymore. President Trump will not only make the enemies of the USA take back the trash they’ve dumped on you, he’ll come back with a cheque drawn on the Mexican bank to cover the first instalment of the wall.
    Mr Trump doesn’t bluff. I pity the dumb bastard that calls out President Trump.

  3. Hadenoughalready // February 23, 2017 at 1:46 pm // Reply

    Are they seriously going to try to “catch them”, dropping at 200+ miles an hour? Really?
    Question: How many people can fit in a C-130? bwahahahaha

  4. Absolutely … kick that worthless Jorge Ramos AND his equally as worthless and racist daughter out of here for life. De-naturalize them if necessary. Both are racist, subversive (re-conquistas) and seditious.

  5. Dr. Deplorable // February 23, 2017 at 12:14 pm // Reply

    Send all Illegal Invaders arriving from Mexico back to Mexico!

  6. I’m sure the end of that line can be found on or about their walled/fenced-in southern border with Guatemala. Believe me when I tell you that many generations of Americans (especially Texans) have preceded you in the desire to watch Mexico take a hit or two and fold right the hell up and genuinely HURT for a long, long time.

  7. Kick that univision ass out Jorge Ramos that two faced piece of shit along with every back stabbing mother “F” er here !!

  8. This is almost humorous. Mexico doesn’t really have a choice. Once we pull all our monetary foreign aid they are going to suffer a kick square in the balls. This will hurt them more than they will ever admit. When we cancel our payments to the UN there wont be any money there to really help Mexico with their baseless grievance against the new USA policy. They’ve made they bed and now they have to lie in it and we should do nothing more than sit back and gloat. Mexico has never liked the US, they’ve never been our “friend” and this will not change in many lifetimes to come. I feel no sympathy for them whatsoever.

    • Where does the line form to deliver the kicks to the balls? I want in on that action.

    • GRA you put it nicely uh perfectly. I had the same sentiments…who gives a damn what” Me He Co ‘ thinks or wants …its a cesspool of commie feces. Oh and the UN money cancellation oooh that is just beautiful on Trumps part that;s like getting 2 for the price of one.

  9. President Trump doesn’t need Mexico’s approval for anything he does!

  10. The Mexican government encouraged and helped others to cross into their southern border to make their way to the US. Therefore it is perfectly legitimate for us to shove them across the border and let them make their way back to wherever the hell they came from.

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