Mexico Federal Van Transporting Illegals To US Border Safe House

trump illegals still coming


The border city of Nogales on the US Mexico border is the location of this safe house where illegal aliens prepare for the trip into the United States. It’s what they hope will be the final leg of their trek to invade America in violation of our immigration laws. This isn’t a gathering of people who happened to all be born without papers, as the terminology those who advocate on behalf of these squatters prefers to call them, the “undocumented.” Their problem is those papers are only good in the country that they belong in and this ain’t it.

The Reuters propaganda piece portrays the “good, hard working, humanitarians” as working against the oppressive Americans, a narrative that was a lie the first time we heard it and is still that way today. They’re participants in a deliberate drive for a population change, importing citizens for the new United States, ones that don’t value our independence and will submit to the global government as members of the Democrat communist Party.

Making sure that the Jesus picture used as a prop is on top and clearly visible as she pretends to sort through some meaningless stack of cards, they depict the woman trafficking in illegal aliens as some type of saint. She says there are lots of people who want to cross the border, and that “they continue to arrive even knowing what is going on in the United States. As she makes the statement, “Because the news about Mr. Trump is global,” note the new arrivals are exiting an orange van, the same one in the photo above. That same van is shown as it exits the stash house, having dropped off its human cargo.

The van has some sort of what looks like a wire mesh on the inside of the windows, caution lights on top and federal markings of a seal in the national colors on the rear and the driver’s door. There’s also the word “Mexico” written on the rear of the van, clearly identifying it as a federal vehicle. What is a federal vehicle doing engaging in the transport of invaders into our country?

Senator Dianne Feinstein argued yesterday as to how inappropriate it was for President Trump to be engaged in tough phone calls with the Mexican President who is doing his “level best” to fight illegal drugs and people from entering our nation and how deserving he is of our support. Really Feinstein, it looks like he’s doing everything he can to facilitate the lawbreaking and impede enforcement from this video.

The biased Reuters piece describes the border crashers as migrants, as if they were doing what was natural and there’s nothing wrong with it. The brainwashing is subtle, pervasive and non-stop. They’d have us believe all of the “migrants” are such nice people, just trying to get to a better life, aided by these good people feeding them, giving them a place to stay and the Mexican government, who is so understanding and sympathetic to their plight. Don’t question the money they’re paying or who it’s going to. The Juarez cartel sponsored the current president in the election but they’d never expect any favors in return. Of course a president would never work for a drug cartel , especially not in Mexico.

But Trump’s the bad guy and so are those evil border patrol officers that they show at the end of the video defending our nation. Everybody should be able to just waltz right in, according to the Reuters globalists. That’s their message. That’s the propaganda.

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9 Comments on Mexico Federal Van Transporting Illegals To US Border Safe House

  1. …including the fake, non-American Barry Soetoro AKA Barak Hussein Obama who scammed all of those who voted for the liar believing he was their savior. Time to flush the toilet of all illegals, demented Dem’s, Socialists, Communists, Liberals, Globalists and a quick arrest, confiscation of all of his assets, and incarceration in Guantanamo for George Soros for Treasonous actions as well as un-American Activities against the United States of America!!

  2. Patricia Anno // February 5, 2017 at 1:50 am // Reply

    I could write a book about my experience of a white owned roofing company who sent all Mexican crews and a Mexican sub contractor who spoke a few words of english. During the tear off the roofing contractor never answered their phones. Shoddy work and my roof was broken and not one word to me. My contract called for replacing wood. It was so bad that when I asked about the woods condition, they workers said ok, ok, no problem!! I caught one area on a visual and the overhang was broken from them walking around. Lucky I caught it and had some wood to replace it. There is a broken piece in my garage ceiling that can be seen. It took two days of aggravation until they were done here and I am sure there are more problems. Dishonest contractors are the problem and are the incentive to come here.

  3. Good points, everyone. I’ve had just about enough of this. And it was the Democrats, about five years ago, who changed the phrase “illegal aliens,” or immigrants, to “undocumented residents.” A Democratic State Senator told me that.

  4. So the big tough USA government can start crap all over the world but, does not have the balls to protect its own citizens.

  5. Freddie Arthur Hisle // February 4, 2017 at 3:16 pm // Reply

    Deport all illegals that are already here, and stop all illegals trying to come here. Let the Border Patrol shoot the dregs if necessary.

  6. Well! vote these people out of office come their ‘Sept’ time …..ALL DEMS MUST GO ….None of them have American values – that’s why they want these people here …LET’S HOPE IT WILL SOON BE ‘GOODBYE LIBERALS’ and please !!! no ‘movie stars’ …just a bunch of loonies …………………

  7. They aren’t only illegal Mexicans either, there are lots of muslims from other countries there too.

    • Patricia Anno // February 5, 2017 at 2:02 am // Reply

      I would say those who came these past eight years are not vetted, have disease, uneducated, no jobs skills, are radical and have been trained to cause mayhem.

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