Mexico Disinfo Minister – DACA Is US Law, Immigration Laws Are Just Rules

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The double speak and conflation of terms by the Mexican government is typical of their conduct and that of leftists who are engaged in a misrepresentation and distortion of the truth. According to the Thursday comments of Luis Videgaray Caso, Chancellery or Mexico Secretariat of Foreign Relations, the United States ignored its own immigration rules by deporting two illegal alien squatters back to Mexico.

Their claims involve the deportation of a so-called “dreamer’ and a mother of four anchor babies. Since neither had a criminal record in the US that we are aware of, and United States immigration laws are only suggestions in the eyes of predator nations such as Mexico, we broke our own rules. Slow down, Caso, we broke Obama’s illegal and lawless rules, which are themselves illegal and should not be being honored under a “law and order” President Trump.

The obvious attempt to create a perception of validity to the illegal Obama action becomes more heightened when the hypocrite Mexican Chancellery declared, “With respect to US law, the Chancellery points out that the cases of Mrs. [Maribel] Trujillo and Mr. [Juan Manuel] Montes Bojorquez represent a violation of the expressed rules of deportation in that country.  Neither of the countrymen represented a risk to the security of American society and neither of them has a criminal background.” We could argue that every illegal represents a risk to American sovereignty and both of them, by the fact that they are in this nation, have a criminal background.

But which is it, Chancellery, a supposed violation of law or a supposed violation of rules? With a Doctorate in Economics, one would suspect he’s smart enough to understand the difference if he wanted to. Since there was no act of Congress that established the DACA program, the existing laws which it violates remain in effect. Those are the guidelines the Chancellery deliberately tried to assign the status of law to. They’re merely dictates by a pretend president, Hussein Obama, and should not be being recognized as anything more than that.

Since our immigration laws are still in effect, the Chancellery is acting on behalf of its own criminal citizens who are here violating our laws, aiding and abetting them in doing so. The hypocritical predator nation of Mexico has a policy of enforcing their own immigration laws much more stringently than the US, even before the unfortunate situation which was eight years of Hussein Obama.

They vowed to continue to aid their criminals citizens in breaking into and remaining in the United States, reaffirming their promise to defend what they called the “rights of Mexicans in the United States, among them the right to due process, regardless of their immigration status.” How about our rights as Americans, Chancellery, to not have your lowlife citizens intruding into our lives?  How about our right to demand our laws be respected and enforced, including imprisonment and deportation for violators?

Then again, you people aren’t interested in what’s right, just what’s advantageous to your invasion and conquest of the United States. Attorney General Sessions illustrated the problem he’s forced to deal with by virtue of the lawlessness of the prior outlaw administration. He said, “DACA enrollees are not being targeted. I don’t know why this individual was picked up. ” But it’s really irrelevant, Sessions intimated, saying, “The policy is that if people are here unlawfully, they’re subject to being deported.”

Pay attention, Chancellery. That’s more than policy or a rule, it’s a little thing we call the law. The best way, it appears, to eliminate this confusion, would be to simply apply it equally, without preference or modification, as written. If you’re here illegally, you risk being deported. A simple memo to the Attorney General from President Trump would be enough to clear up all of the confusion. That memo, canceling the ill-advised DACA program, should be sent immediately, today, this morning, right now.


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