Hypocrite Mexican Foreign Minister – No Comprende Why US Would Deport DACAs

Luis Caso mexican foreign minister mexico

Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray Caso engages in a little “do as we say not as we do” hypocrisy on the topic of the foreign squatters his country has infested the United States with.

Speaking to reporters at the United Nations, Caso laid out the typical nonsense, flavored with just a hint of logic, that Mexican officials have become infamous for.

He said, “Our position towards the Mexicans here [illegal squatters] in the States. We acknowledge that immigration policy and immigration decisions, it’s something to be defined by Americans and Americans only, by American institutions. It’s a sovereign right of a sovereign nation.”

But when you’re dealing with the corrupt, invasive Mexicans there’s always a “however,” and these comments were no exception to the rule. Caso said, “However, we, as the government of Mexico, have an obligation, a legal and moral obligation, to protect and support Mexicans wherever they are in the world, including in the US.”

Really, Caso? Does that mean you’re going to fork over the cash for the welfare payments and medical expenses for your parasites while they’re here in the US? Or does that simply mean you’ll continue to aid and abet them in their illegal occupation and sponging off of the American people?

He selects a jumbo scoop for the spreading of his Mexican manure, saying, “We believe it’d be a big loss for the US and a big win for Mexico if all of those young people, many of them engineers, computer scientists, accountants, [educations that should have gone to Americans] not only well-behaved but creative, energetic leave this country.”

He claims, “It’s hard to understand why a country would export and export for free, human capital of this quality.” Look a little closer, Caso, you’re missing the Taco Bell cashiers and landscapers, the students holding Mexican flags and claiming that this is really land stolen from their ancestors.

They’re not nearly the quality that you claim they are and even if they were, there’s a little thing called the rule of law that the citizens of this nation respect, something your countrymen who are here scoff at. It might be hard for a lawless Mexican thug official to understand, and in that regard you’re only helping to make the American point.

He adds, “So if that happens it would be a tremendous win for Mexico, big loss for the US.” We’ll be happy to help you win this one, Luis.

He then goes on to utter one of the most idiotic babblings of his address, saying, “But the big question is not who wins and who loses. The big question is what do these ‘kids’ want. And even though they were born in other countries like Mexico, these kids want to stay. This is where their life is. This is where they work, where they contribute, they pay taxes (on an American’s ID or at a minimum with his stolen job). And we believe that the most important thing is to listen to them and to support their cause.”

Just to clarify, Luis, how many Guatemalans, Hondurans and Salvadorans has Mexico listened to and supported in their cause to wander in and demand they be given Mexican citizenship, because it’s what they want and that’s what is most important? Gato got your tongue?

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  1. They’re pulling out all the stops. I fear we lost this one, and the 6 month reprieve for the nightmares points to it. Of course Mehico wants them to stay, they send a lot of dollars back there from under the table wages, regular wages, and a plethora of government subsidies our tax dollars.

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