Merkel Setup Trump With G20 Site – Easy Protester Access, Hard To Defend

merkel sets up trump

The CNN reporter bucks the network fake news tradition and actually provides some interesting, insightful information about the manipulations of German Chancellor Angela Merkel around the G20. Anchor John King provides a lead in for reporter Nic Robertson, saying that it’s “one of the interesting G20 dynamics this time,” being “demonstrations much closer to the event site than we’ve become accustomed to in recent years.”

Robertson says it was a deliberate act by the host nation, saying, “Angela Merkel has chosen to hold this summit in an environment, in a location that can be surrounded by protesters. It’s not as we see some summits, on a remote hilltop that’s, the whole village or a town around it is secure. And there will be protesters here, there were protesters last night, police had to turn a water canon on about 1,000 of them, just sort of rained it on them, didn’t wash them off the streets.”

He continues, “There was a women’s protest just out beside here a little while ago, but the essence of the idea here is, not forgetting that Angela Merkel is in a re-election campaign this year, the protesters will be able to get close so that in part President Trump can hear the voices of dissent here in Germany, here in Europe.’

He says, ‘And that voice of dissent, Angela Merkel’s voice of dissent with President Trump over their different views on trade, the concerns about protectionism from the United States, Angela Merkel was quoted in a popular weekly political paper here saying that the United States sees globalization differently to how we do.”

He quotes Merkel as saying, “‘We see  a win / win situation’ she said, ‘the United States sees winners and losers, where only some profit in globalization.’ So the stakes have been set pretty high there and the people of Germany and others will be able to give voice and vent their frustrations and feelings that perhaps the German Chancellor is too polite to say in the terms that they will.”

So Merkel is deliberately inciting riots in effect, by choosing a venue where that will be the result, with the target the American President, Donald Trump. Every American should be upset by that but nobody should be surprised. It’s a globalist tactic to advance their agenda and nothing, including safety or security, takes a superior position to their world government scheme. She and they will do anything, as the destruction of Europe through the mass importation of Islamists should have already proven to the world.

She’d better hope nothing happens to our President or his entourage as she attempts to diminish his stature through this childish stunt. Good luck getting another handshake Merkel.


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4 Comments on Merkel Setup Trump With G20 Site – Easy Protester Access, Hard To Defend

  1. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // July 7, 2017 at 6:32 am // Reply

    They could have met at a private location instead of Germany and that Evil, wicked Merkel the Muslim obama Snakes sister in Evil.

  2. Perhaps the S.S. has a plan in place to completely crush and remove the protesters if they go past peaceful protest. That would send a message to the globalists.

  3. I pray for Merkel – that she disappears off the face of the earth. As satan’s most favorite disciple, she’s the enemy of ALL humanity.

  4. The President should refuse to hold his meeting at this location if it is dangerous for himself and his people. Merkel needs to be approached about this nasty act. She must be a Democrat.

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