Merkel Promises More Misery, Insecurity, Assaults And Bodies For 2017

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Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany gave a speech to the people of her nation promising more insecurity, more national destruction and more abuse of power in the coming year. In essence she pledged that when a gang of terrorists rapes or assaults one German girl, they should be given several more. When opposition parties form and rally, they’ll be targeted as hate mongers and their rights declared nullified. And when one individual or group report on it, they’ll be declared fake news, taken down and viciously prosecuted by her “caring and benevolent” government with plenty of crimes to hide.

After carefully inserting the ring of lunacy through the noses of the German people through which they would be led, Merkel stated in her mind-numbing New Year address to Germany, that the terror attacks committed by Islamist Würzburg, Ansbach, and most recently at a Christmas market in Berlin were not attacks on Western civilization but an attack on ‘refugees’ and Germany’s willkommenskultur (‘welcome culture’).

She is equating abandoning her failed invasion with victory for the evil people she is importing. But that would be a cessation of the building of their forces, therefore that would be a defeat, Madam Chancellor, a response to the threat that continues to grow stronger as more forces are added to the Islamic army on a daily basis.

Merkel said that terrorists “mock [the willingness of Germany to help] with their deeds [acts of terrorism], like they mock those who really need and deserve our protection.” They mock her apparent naiveté and that of those foolish enough to follow her into Hell. They’re getting good belly laughs out of her actions.

Merkel acts as if she had no clue that terrorists and their supportive populations have a history of barbarism, claiming, it is “particularly bitter and repulsive” when terrorist attacks are committed by migrants. She left out “and completely consistent with who they are and more are to be expected” or how repulsive and bitter that it is being engineered by the person responsible for the security of their nation.

Merkel pledged more Germans would die as she steals their freedom and nation out from under them, promising to fight the “hatred” of terrorism with “humanity” and “unity.” She said, “With the images of bombed-out Aleppo in Syria, it is important to remember once again how important and correct it was that our country has helped in the past year those who need our protection.”

As the body counts and the numbers of  victims of sexual assault and other crimes of opportunity by her jihadist army continue to pile up, she asserted that “[the] state is doing everything to ensure its citizens’ security in freedom, and that in these “difficult days,” Germans should seek “consolation” in each other. It’s a need for consolation that remains and was completely avoidable were it not for the actions of the chancellor, but don’t say such a thing in Germany. Their loving dictator will have you arrested and charged with hate speech.

No change in policy, is coming, aside from a much more hostile posture towards her mounting opposition. Console yourselves and accept an end to Germany and your way of life, was her message. Merkel closed her little brainwashing sessions by telling those stupid enough to listen to her that globalism is the future, that Germany as they knew it belongs in the past.

She stressed a need for “openness” and “an open view of the world.” That’s what George Soros, one of Merkel’s controllers and financiers calls his financial arm through which much of the money drip is attached, the Open Society Foundations. How coincidental.

She echoed the successful campaign of her fellow Soros puppet and Islamist importer, the “yes we can” campaign slogan of communist jihadist of unknown origins, Hussein Obama, saying she had “confidence” for 2017, reiterating, “Wir schaffen das” (we can do this).

To that point Merkel is right. For the German people it’s not unlike putting the barrel of a gun into your mouth and pulling the trigger.  They can do it, but just because you have the ability to do something doesn’t mean you’re going to like the results.

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  1. Dr. Deplorable // January 1, 2017 at 9:01 pm // Reply

    A fool is someone who is unwise, lacks sense, and lacks judgement. Fools don’t want to learn the truth. They laugh at the truth and turn their eyes away from the truth. Fools are wise in their own eyes failing to take in wisdom and advice, which will be their downfall. They suppress the truth by their unrighteousness.

    Ein Narr ist jemand, der unklug ist, keinen Sinn hat und kein Urteil fehlt. Dummköpfe wollen nicht die Wahrheit lernen. Sie lachen über die Wahrheit und wenden ihre Augen von der Wahrheit ab. Dummköpfe sind klug in ihren eigenen Augen, die nicht an Weisheit und Rat nehmen, die ihr Untergang sein werden. Sie unterdrücken die Wahrheit durch ihre Ungerechtigkeit.

    25 Wichtige Bibelverse Über Fools

    Sie haben Boshaftigkeit in ihren Herzen, sie sind faul, stolz, verleumden andere und leben in wiederholter Torheit. Das Leben in Sünde macht Spaß für einen Narren.

    Es ist nicht klug, ihre Gesellschaft zu wünschen, weil sie dich einen dunklen Weg führen werden. Dummköpfe eilen in Gefahr ohne kluge Vorbereitung und denken über die Konsequenzen.

    Die Schrift hält die Menschen davor, töricht zu sein, aber leider verachten die Narren das Wort Gottes.

    25 Important Bible Verses About Fools

    They have wickedness in their hearts, they are lazy, proud, they slander others, and live in repeat foolishness. Living in sin is fun for a fool.

    It’s not wise to desire their company because they will lead you down a dark path. Fools rush into danger without wise preparation and thinking about the consequences.

    Scripture keeps people from being foolish, but sadly fools despise the Word of God.

  2. She got rid or all of her police and intelligence folks so there can be more deaths to raise the quota and fear-that’s it she is a sadist.

  3. TONYA PARNELL // January 1, 2017 at 9:45 am // Reply


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