Merkel Makes Excuses For Recklessness, Wipe Her Guilty, Bloody Hands

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Sporting the latest in storm trooper fashion footwear, Angela Merkel stepped up to the podium for her brief Friday remarks in which she pledged to remove some of the human infestation that she has allowed to permeate the continent and her nation of Germany at a higher rate of speed, to be determined later, naturally, if ever.

Merkel addressed the foreign jihadist that she recklessly imported into the midst of the innocent German people, whose blood now stains her hands every bit as much as it stains the vile hands of the terrorist himself. She said, “If there are other guilty persons or helpers,” herself excluded, obviously,” in this we will bring them to justice.”

Justice is a sorry alternative to peace and security, taking action to set things right after someone has been killed is no substitute for having acted in a responsible leadership fashion to begin with and avoided the problem and the mayhem altogether.

Merkel said, “I told the President we will speed up the repatriation process and increase the number of repatriated persons,” obviously recognizing that there are people she has given access to the interior of Germany who are a threat and who have no business being there. What criteria establishes that risk, Chancellor, and where is that line drawn?

Since there is no vetting in the open door free-for-all, is it the commission of a crime or multiple crimes inside Germany, a discovery of terrorism ties or sympathies, does their name have to appear in chatter? When there are no standards how do you make those decisions? Is adding one or two more bad apples enough of an increase to the deportation lists to satisfy this new “get tough” policy of yours?

For how long will these new heightened defensive efforts be in place? Until an attack occurs elsewhere, outside of Germany, and the focus then becomes on that nation’s response to the situation Merkel and her EU comrades put those innocent people in? Is that the point where intelligent thought once again is abandoned in favor of pursuit of the globalist game plan of conquest?

In making the customary excuses for her ineptitude and the deteriorating state of affairs in Germany, the manipulative Merkel says, “The overall threat of terrorism remains the same it has been in recent years. We all know that.” No, actually, we don’t all know that. In previous years there weren’t gangs of millions of barbarians roaming the countryside spreading their hatred and seeking to victimize the innocent. That’s a new development thanks to you, Chancellor. You’re lying, that’s what we all know.

The dishonest politician then goes on to do her best Jihadi Jeh Johnson / Hussein Obama impersonation, telling those gathered how her highest duty is to protect the people as she opens up the borders to all sorts of bad people intent on inflicting harm upon and conquering the German people. As she weakens Germany she claims to be doing everything to make it stronger, and woe to those Germans who believe her lies or unable to persuade their gullible, foolish countrymen who do.

She closes with some pretty-sounding words that, in a government led by her mean absolutely nothing. She says, “Our democracy, our rule of law, our values and our humanity are the alternative draft to the world of hatred of terrorism. And they will be stronger than terrorism.”

Of course none of this life and death exercise needed to take place. None of the very real cost to Germans needed to take place, their deaths are happening solely because she decided to make the field upon which the battle between the conquerors and the German people their homeland.  Those pretty words didn’t mention the part about all of this being Merkel’s fault. Guess they didn’t sound as nice to her ears with that part of the truth included.

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3 Comments on Merkel Makes Excuses For Recklessness, Wipe Her Guilty, Bloody Hands

  1. Freddie Arthur Hisle // December 24, 2016 at 9:02 am // Reply

    Everyone of the world leaders who have thrust this evil onto their citizens need to be executed; as slowly as possible, I do like torture used against the enemy.

  2. I’m speechless !!!!!!!

  3. Martin Babin // December 24, 2016 at 8:47 am // Reply

    Sie sind der Helfer! Die böse Hexe !!!

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