Merkel Imported Predators Stalk German Prey, Shout Aloha Snackbar

germany thugs imported merkel


It’s incredible that Chancellor Angela Merkel can show her face in public in Germany, either out of her own apparently non-existent shame for what she’s done to her nation or out of fear that the passive Germans will at some point wake up to the destruction she’s unleashed becoming incensed and seeking vengeance. After viewing this video, taken in context with all of the other atrocities committed by the imported barbarians, the fact that she is still in office and running for reelection is almost beyond comprehension.

In the town of Peine, Lower Saxony, in Germany, two groups of Merkel’s imported savages had a rock and stick fight on the city streets, shouting their infamous “I can do anything with impunity, no matter how vile,” slogan of Allahu Akbar.

The disturbances began at around 9 pm on Wednesday with a group of about ten Merkelites, reportedly Syrians and Palestinians. Police arrived and broke it up, with one of the participants taken to a local hospital with a head injury.

The thugs returned a couple of hours later and the violence erupted again. They began smashing cars of the locals, many of whom are also foreign imports. Approximately forty to fifty of the local residents went outside and confronted the mob, who then began throwing rocks at the residents. They continued to place their “approved by Allah” stamp on their criminal thuggery with more shouts of Allahu Akbar clearly audible in the recording.

A large deployment of police force was ultimately able to disperse the thugs, with only one being arrested. That’s no deterrent; with no consequences for their actions why won’t they be back on Thursday or maybe for a Friday night block party?

Did anyone remember to thank Mrs. Merkel for bringing this to Germany and continuing to do so? Remember to vote in the fall, one more term of Merkel and her EU destruction ought to just about finish Germany off for good.

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