Merkel Ignored Long Violent Criminal History Of Truck Terrorist

berlin truck terrorist


The Tunisian Berlin truck terrorist should in no way have ever been allowed  to enter Germany in the first place. Clearly the claims of strict vetting practices are little more than a placebo to condition the people to accept what they’re being told by the government.

In a radio interview his father said the killer, Anis Amri, served four years in an Italian jail for burning down a school, which he completed just prior to his traveling to Germany. He had settled in Italy after leaving his hometown of Tataouine, Tunisa seven years ago as an illegal alien.

Since his arrival in Germany he had been arrested three times, each time slipping the authorities in spite of being a known ISIS supporter who is known to have received terrorist weapons training. According to the Daily Mail, Security forces exchanged information as recently as last month that tied Amri to Islamic terrorists. They also cite a Washington post report that German authorities had attempted to deport Amri after learning that he was plotting ‘a serious act of violent subversion.” He also attempted to recruit an accomplice to participate in a terrorist act, something else authorities were aware of.

So one has to ask the question, what was this guy doing walking around loose on the streets of any civilized nation? Why is the government, so empowered with evidence, including multiple identities under different nationalities, that this guy is a bad actor, unable to protect its citizens?

He was denied in an April asylum hearing but rather than being deported was granted a “Duldung,” or toleration papers which allowed him to remain in the country temporarily as he was acquiring his Tunisian passport so that he could be kicked out.  Tunis reportedly had no record of him being a citizen. As is often the case with hellhole countries hoping to rid themselves of the dregs of their society, Tunisia is believed to have been engaging in the common resistance to repatriation that also is used by the Obama regime as an excuse to release criminal illegals onto our own streets.

The Daily Mail reports that the documents for this killer arrived two days after his terrorist attack. Throughout everything he did this punk was in communication with Islamist Salafist hate preachers and other criminal vermin, much of which was taking place while under surveillance.

The German government under Andrea Merkel had the information necessary to prevent this from happening. They failed to respond appropriately in a timely manner. This is the kind of individual that Gitmo was created for, perhaps every civilized nation should create their own variation. While Tunisia was remembering who he was and “trying to locate” the birth records, he’s kept locked up – period.

Now might be a good time to start populating Antarctica with the scum of the earth – Islamic terrorists. Something has to be done. They have no place among civilized people.

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3 Comments on Merkel Ignored Long Violent Criminal History Of Truck Terrorist

  1. Alton Robinson // December 22, 2016 at 9:08 pm // Reply

    They say all muslims are not terrorists, but it’s mighty strange that all terrorists are musslim. Kinda makes one wonder. We have a law on the books that the government is supposed to stop people from countries that want to destroy this country from entering this country. But yet oblammer and the liberals want to bring thousands of these people into this country without vetting them. Again it must make you won der.

  2. Honorable USA citizens face the facts; Germany has become the snake pit of queers, sissies, cowards and brainless idiots, they are the lifeless earth’s hell.

  3. Dr. Deplorable // December 22, 2016 at 9:05 am // Reply

    And just to think Islamic Terrorist are raping and breeding young women of all races and religions! They are poisonous snakes! Off with their tool!

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