Merkel Elevates EU Globalist Frenchy Macron, Drops America First Trump

German Chancellor Merkel surely understands that the deteriorating relationship between the United States and Germany is nothing personal, at least it’s nothing against what we can still refer to in the classic sense as the German people. Those are people of German heritage, who speak German and didn’t just arrive as exploitative locusts from the Middle East or North Africa, at Chancellor Merkel’s behest.

It’s a matter of incompatibility with the globalist takeover of Germany, her leading role in the destruction of Europe and our President being a man of principles who won’t be a party to it. It’s a matter of Merkel being a puppet of the EU and acting on their behalf to cripple her nation. We Americans and President Trump don’t really approve of her actions and we don’t see much in her to like. We’re too honest to pretend we do.

Chancellor Merkel has noticed that since January nobody is planting the sloppy wet ones on the way Obama used to and she’s responded by changing the way she addresses the relationship between what’s left of Germany and the United States. In the German election program produced by her party, the United States is no longer referred to as a “friend.”

The program represents the Christian Democratic Union and Christian Social Union Parties, both ironically actively engaged in an assault on Christianity through their support of the importation of an overwhelming Muslim population. That publication has changed the description of the United States from Germany’s “most important friend,” in the 2013 version, to “most important partner” outside of Europe. The 2013 edition also called the relationship between our two nations the “cornerstone” of German foreign and trade policies.

Perhaps Merkel is still stinging from the truthful rebuke by President Trump of her “insane” policies that were “ruining” Germany. She must remember his sudden onslaught of a hearing loss when Merkel pressed him for a handshake for the press in the White House. It’s a far cry from the “get a room you two” way in which she carried on with Hussein Obama, who unlike President Trump, hates America and likes manly women.

The new program repeats a Merkel line that she used in a speech in Munich in May after the G7 when she and her fellow globalists were unable to persuade President Trump to remain hooked up to the parasitic machinery of the Paris climate fraud. It says, “The times in which we could fully rely on others are, to a certain extent, in the past. We Europeans must take our fate into our own hands more decisively than we have in the past.” Grow up, in other words, but that is not their intention.

They’re still planning to pilfer other nations, the US just won’t happen to be one of their current victims. The anti-national sovereignty pact between the globalist EU satellites of Germany and France is readily acknowledged in the program. In a section titled “Germany and France as the Motor of Europe” it vows to “reinvigorate the friendship” between the two countries. The rest of the EU can go pound Saint-Tropez sand as second tier nations.

With the election of Merkel’s fellow globalist puppet, Macron, in France, they write, “We are ready, together with the new French government, to further develop the euro zone step by step, for example, through the creation of its own monetary fund.”

Not that they’ll turn down our money after it’s laundered through the IMF, World Bank or UN. Our easy exploitability is a big part of what makes us a “most important partner.”


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3 Comments on Merkel Elevates EU Globalist Frenchy Macron, Drops America First Trump

  1. Deplorable Doctor // July 4, 2017 at 8:44 pm // Reply

    “We Europeans must stake our fate into the hands of Sharia Law.” Deplorable Doctor, PH.D.

    “Wir Europäer müssen unser Schicksal in die Hände des Scharia-Gesetzes bringen.” Kläglicher Arzt, PH.D.

  2. HowardMacKinnon // July 4, 2017 at 7:25 pm // Reply

    Cannot see the people of Germany being quiet forever, as their country is being destroyed. They may be slow in waking to the horrors of forced multi culture invasion, but when they’ve had enough they will stand tall & take their country back.


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