Merkel Disinformation – Rails Against Trump Travel Ban As Muslim Ban

merkel criticizing trump muslim


Angela Merkel knows the truth and she knows how different that is from the content of her remarks. On Monday, the woman who has turned Europe and Germany into festering pustules of ever-expanding Islamic aggression, once again undeservedly played the part of the great humanitarian. It’s a role and a title that she has awarded to herself.

Forget the destruction that her deliberate and misguided globalist policies have wrought on he own nation. She’s going to condemn the responsible acts of President Trump, despite having to misrepresent and falsely state their nature in order to make her points.

In the opening the AFP news agency demonstrates that they are also part of the global disinformation campaign, running a banner that says, “Merkel and the EU slam anti-Muslim bias in US travel ban imposed by the Trump administration.” Nowhere in the text of the Executive Order is a reference made to any religion nor is the word “Muslim” found in it anywhere. Facts don’t matter to the globalist fake news operatives.

Merkel perpetuates the lie that it is a “ban on Muslims,” saying, “The essential and also resolute fight against terrorism in no way justifies general suspicion against people of a specific faith, in this case people of Muslim faith or people of a certain background.” Actually, it does, Merkel. Just as the British soldiers were suspicious of Catholics when fighting the IRA, countries of origin in the Middle East that are actively engaged in terrorism should attract suspicion, scrutiny and if appropriate, travel bans. Only an irresponsible leader who puts globalist politics above the lives and safety of her citizens could argue otherwise.

While it might be appropriate to target all citizens of a particular religion, since they are the only ones engaged in terrorism, it’s not practical and their is no reliable mechanism to distinguish between religions nor are such practices easily defended from opportunistic politicians. Banning all travel from terrorist nations is the only effective way to eliminate expansion of the threat. It’s a concept that she seems unwilling or totally incapable of grasping.

The Soros puppet continued, “This procedure contradicts, in my opinion, the basic ideas underlying international refugee assistance and international cooperation.”

What it does is it puts more pressure on Merkel by showing the citizens of Germany, France and other EU nations that America has a leader who is willing to take action to protect them from the very threat that Merkel is importing into their midst. It further motivates them to seek other leadership and support other candidates for chancellor in this fall’s election. Her fellow criminal clown from the EU joins her in running interference for their invasion plan. They’ve got a global agenda to protect.

Merkel pretends that running a nation closely resembles managing an oversized day care facility or a welfare office but not every function and consideration is related to refugee assistance nor should it be. They should be positioned near the bottom of any list, with national security, cultural integrity and prosperity at the top. That failure to prioritize the issues most critical to Germany and to Europeans in general is the main threat facing the continent today.

It is embodied in the forms of millions of Middle Eastern and North African parasites, many angry barbarians, living off the wealth, misplaced hospitality and generosity of the Europeans trapped in the EU imposed invasion.

Merkel sounds uncertain of herself, almost fearful. She has every reason to be. She’s grasping at straws, attempting to defend the indefensible. One or two more terror attacks, as will surely be forthcoming, will push her out of the running for her fourth term. Then the real work of rebuilding and purging the subversives and terrorists she invited in can begin with a German Chancellor that puts Germany first.

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