Mega Slob Michael Moore Organizing Anti-Trump Rallies – Libtards Follow Anybody

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Just as an aside with the subhuman toad Michael Moore, there is no “R” in Washington and secondly, on the personal grooming perspective, could you possibly care less about your appearance? Have you ever been close enough to even smell a girl or, perhaps more critically, for one to smell you? There’s all kinds of devices in today’s modern world, razors that plug in and run on electricity, hair clippers that do the same thing, combs, shampoos, the list of things you might want to experience is extensive. There are even weight loss programs and specialized doctors who could fix that nose of yours.

But enough of that, it’s the equally unattractive inside of Mr. Moore that needs to be addressed, his liberal agitator mental condition that brought him onto MSNBC to promote the leftist campaign against the President-elect. The first agenda item is a women’s march in DC the day after Mr. Trump’s inauguration. They call it a women’s march but everybody’s invited, even toads like him – they’re desperate. Maybe he’s hoping to connect with a “nice” liberal girl who doesn’t bark unless there’s someone at the door, won’t dump over the trash cans, and has only slightly more hair on her face than the unkempt Mr. Moore. They could share a chant, hooking up between rounds of “F Donald Trump.”

Moore says “everybody’s” coming to the event. It’s more likely that nobody’s coming, which would explain why he and the propagandists at MSNBC are pushing it with his interview. After saying the words, “The Trump Era,” Moore repeats a worn out self-correction of “the potentially short-lived Trump era,” for whatever reason preferring to infer that Mr. Trump won’t make it through his first term. Secret Service, that’s grounds for an interview, isn’t it? It’s a not-so-humorous claim he’s also made before and probably needs to stop.

The host sucks up to the swollen tick, saying he and many others have grown up watching the crap that Moore produces, asking what to tell his fellow libtards when they ask “why bother?” Moore says it’s all about trying to get inside of Mr. Trump’s head and takes credit for the ethics reform reversal in Congress. Right Moore, a disgusting collection of unwanted human body parts such as yourself is going to get inside of Mr. Trump’s head. It was you who went to Trump Tower and was denied an audience with the President-elect, not the other way around.

You’re not going to occupy any space inside his head, you’re not worthy, he’s got much more important things and people to focus his attention on. Moore asks permission to call Mr. Trump “slightly unhinged,” and then takes liberty to escalate the level of insult and smear to include labeling Mr. Trump a “malignant narcissist, strong words for a slob who is jealous of a successful man who takes care of how he looks. A malignant narcissist would more aptly describe the outgoing “Mr. Selfie.”

Only liberals would look to a pathetic loser like this and see a leader. Keep following him, libtards, it’s working great.

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