Media Wants To See Trump’s Evidence, Different Standard For Their Russia Hack Hoax

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RT has more than a passing interest in the fake news stories about Russia hacking the US elections, since they are wholly owned by Russia. That being said and the reality, they are still more often than not less biased in their reporting than the mainstream US propaganda media, which are wholly owned by the globalist cabal operated out of the Council on Foreign Relations.

In this report by RT, they compare the coverage by the mainstream media of the declarations by President Trump in a series of tweets that Hussein Obama hacked him during the election, with the treatment that President Trump and Russia received in regards to their being accused of collusion to benefit Mr. Trump during the election.

At issue in their report is the willingness to accept unnamed, anonymous sources by the media when it advances their anti-Trump objectives contrasted against their demands for sources and ridicule of the President, dismissing his assertions because he has provided them with no evidence to support them.

Although he would have no way of knowing if what he is saying is actually factually correct or not, CNN’s Don Lemon dismisses the statements made by the President, saying, “This is at best a clumsy attempt to dangle a shiny object, change the subject from Russia and throw us off the track.” Of course, in making that statement Lemon appears to be attempting to do exactly what he accuses the President of.

They play a montage of CNN talking heads decrying the lack of evidence, obviously their chosen strategy for minimizing the effectiveness of the President’s message. The reporter, Caleb Maupin observes, “Yes, mainstream media is suddenly concerned with sketchy, anonymous sources.  But what about those anonymous sources that claimed Russia had compromising information on Trump? Or what about the still unrevealed evidence claiming to prove that the DNC was hacked by Russia? And what about the anonymous sources from inside the administration that have been quoted or reported on for weeks?”

They’ve got their priorities and being objective, fair and accurate aren’t important components of what they do or the fake news they produce.

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  1. Freddie Arthur Hisle // March 8, 2017 at 6:13 pm // Reply

    If any media outlet cannot print or tell the truth than spreading Propaganda; that outlet should loose their license.

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