McMaster Tries Explaining Russian Intel Sharing To Thick-Headed Libs

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The press briefing conducted by National Security Adviser HR McMaster on Tuesday illustrates the reality of the futility of trying to reason with or even have a conversation with a leftist. Nothing penetrates their thick skulls, everything is dismissed for one reason or another as invalid, and they leave just as dissatisfied, critical and belligerent as they were when they arrived. Perhaps they’re even more hostile if their empty arguments and unfounded positions were completely vaporized by truth and reality.

McMaster does what the administration still insists on doing, accommodating the sharks by swimming with them rather than closing the beach and opting for the calmer waters of a pool, where only the civilized, objective, true journalists are welcome. At some point they need to stop enabling their antagonists and attackers. Until then, they as well as we the American people, will be subjected to their vicious absurdities. They prove with every passing briefing that they are no longer deserving of White House press credentials.

General McMaster tells the propagandists “It is totally appropriate for the President to share whatever information he thinks is necessary to advance the security of the American people. That’s what he did. He’s asked when President Trump made the decision, as if that has any relevance to the information or it’s having been transmitted. It’s asked in the hope of the vermin of securing information which can be distorted into a claim that the president acted impulsively, more evidence of the kind of information the media is really after and their goals.

McMaster says, “He made the decision in the context of the conversation, which was wholly appropriate.” He continues, noting that after having expressed our concerns that Russia modify and change some of their behaviors, the President shifted to the building of a working relationship and the common ground that we share in fighting our mutual enemy, transnational terrorism, including ISIS. It’s a natural progression for the conversation and a logical component of that might be some intelligence sharing. McMaster notes that ISIS has, in the past, taken down a Russian airliner, killing over 200 people in October of 2015.

Addressing the overreaction that is taking place among the carrion favoring media, McMaster said that “It was nothing that you would not know from open source reporting in terms of a source of concern and it had all to do with operations that are already ongoing, had been made public for months.”

He further informs the globalist propagandists, “There are no sensitivities in terms of me or anybody who’s been with the President in many of these engagements. He shares information in a way that is wholly appropriate.” McMaster goes on to make the statement for the record that “the President wasn’t even aware of where this information came from. He wasn’t briefed on the source and method of the information either.”

McMaster makes that the last question, but as he’s walking away the evidence is clear that he wasted his time. They can be heard shouting such things as who’s going to investigate the leaks, will you release the transcripts, questions their fake news peddling organizations want to distort in furtherance of their agenda. The entitled CNN big mouth, the poster boy of fake news and belligerence, Jim Acosta, can be heard claiming there is a contradiction and demanding that more of his questions be answered. He, along with ABC’s Jonathan Karl, should never again be allowed to step foot on White House grounds.

The sooner President Trump finds a way to exclude these destructive enemy agents from the proceedings the better for his Presidency and for the American people. We’re tired of the constant game of gotcha and their criticisms. They will not report the truth and they will not be objective. That’s not their job, it’s not what they are being sent to the White House to do. Get rid of them and put someone in there who can and will be objective, doesn’t have a chip on their shoulder and will report the truth.

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3 Comments on McMaster Tries Explaining Russian Intel Sharing To Thick-Headed Libs

  1. shirley roberts // May 17, 2017 at 3:22 pm // Reply

    I totally agree, take away the press passes from the fake stream media, let them get their news from the ones who report the truth.

  2. Indeed, Rick. Indeed.

    They’re playing hard ball. We need to play hard ball back.

    • this has to stop and soon – they’re tearing the country apart deliberately, same goal different technique from the last 8 years

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