McMaster Stumped When Asked If Admin Better Off After Bannon Purge

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Chris Wallace asked National Security Adviser HR McMaster a tough question to see what kind of answer he’d get back, if it might go beyond the customary scripted defenses.

After referencing their past conflicts he asks, “Question, is the administration better off with Steve Bannon out of the White House?” The question also exposed is whether the globalist agenda can move forward with greater ease after his exit.

McMaster replies with his typical mouthful of empty, globalist drivel, saying, “Well, the administration is better off when we can serve the President by integrating, coordinating across all of our departments and agencies with our key allies and partners and to present the President with multiple options.”

He seems to be describing himself as he continues the juvenile diversionary tactic, saying, “And then based on his decisions, to help the President implement these policies that prioritize protecting and advancing the interests of the American people. And so what’s important is to have an inclusive process, not to try to manipulate into a particular decision.”

McMaster adds, “Or, to advance your own agenda. You know, we’re advancing the President’s agenda and we’re advancing policies and strategies that are for the American people.” And the relevance of that recap of the NSA’s function bears what relevance to Wallace’s question?

Wallace tries another angle. “Well, you strike me as a pretty straight-talker, are you saying that Steve Bannon was manipulating, that he was trying to work around and advance his own agenda?” So much for that “straight talker” error in judgment, Chris.

McMaster says, “Well, the National Security Council, I think, has served the President well in bringing him multiple options. There were some who tried to operate outside of that process for their own narrow agendas. And that didn’t serve the President [the globalists] well.”

Pressed if “some people” included Steve Bannon, McMaster bails out. He laughs nervously as he goes into his Susan Rice impersonation, saying, “I think this has been too hyped on one individual, I mean this [sic] reports of feuding and everything, it just really didn’t even happen. I mean we had our doors open to all perspectives within the National Security Council [as long as they were George Soros approved] and it was up to those individuals whether they would walk through that door and participate in an open and transparent process.”

Right McMaster, you’re right out in the open and the process is becoming increasingly transparent for those willing to look beyond the pom-poms.


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  1. Rick, articles are now showing.

  2. McMaster is probably one of the most flagrant liars Chris has ever interviewed. A rotten person.

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