McMaster Refuses To Answer Multiple Times If He Can Work With Bannon

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Globalist National Security Adviser HR McMaster is clearly not aligned with the Trump base, a fact which is evidenced immediately in this video as Chuck Todd tells him, “You’ve clearly had your own run-ins with the Alt-Right. He nods and smiles as Todd makes the statement, acknowledging firsthand that he’s not one of us.

He then cites a Mike Cernovich tweet which says, “McMaster’s media allies, who he leaks to, are trying to frame Bannon for #Charlottesville. Todd asks what’s going on inside the White House between him and Steve Bannon.

The weak and unbelievable denials begin at that point, as McMaster says, “that’s just a lot of noise from my perspective and I think everybody sees the President has assembled a tremendous national security team.” No,  everybody doesn’t see that, McMaster. There are some good components and some, such as yourself, Dina Habib Powell and the Obama holdovers that should be gotten rid of without delay.

He then goes into the diversionary spiel, saying, “it’s a great privilege for me to be able to support and enable people like Secretary of State Tillerson, Secretary of Defense Mattis, Director Pompeo, Ambassador Haley at the United Nations. And despite this noise we’re getting quite a bit done, in terms of developing and advancing [globalist] strategies to prioritize the safety and security of the American people and to promote American prosperity.”

Todd asks him directly, “Can you and Steve Bannon still work together in this White House or not?” It’s amazing that a guy who’s a big of a liar as this guy isn’t any better at it than he is. McMaster stumbles a bit, answering a question that wasn’t asked to avoid the one that was, saying, “I get to work together with a broad range of talented people and it is a privilege every day to enable the national security team.” You weren’t coached to say that as a bailout response by any chance, were you HR?

Todd doesn’t let him get away with it, saying, “You didn’t answer. Can you and Steve Bannon work in that same White House? Once again he dodges, replying, “I am ready to work with anybody who will help advance the President’s agenda and advance the security prosperity of the American people.” Danged if that doesn’t sound like the same evasive response we got from this Soros and Saudi agent a minute ago.

Todd backs him into a corner asking, “Do you believe Steve Bannon does that? McMaster does it again, saying, “I believe that everyone who works in the White House, who has the privilege, the great privilege every day of serving their nation should be motivated by the goal.”

That’s a long and tortuous road to get to nowhere when he could have said yes or no. That means the answer is “no,” he can’t work with Steve Bannon and he obviously doesn’t expect him to be around much longer. The globalists are taking over the White House and the Trump team is being shown the exits. This guy just gave us the proof. He’s not packing his bags so that can only mean one of three things.

Either they’re both staying and not going to be working with each other, Bannon is leaving or McMaster is leaving but thinks Bannon is the one on his way out. Hopefully President Trump has a big surprise in store for old HR.


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2 Comments on McMaster Refuses To Answer Multiple Times If He Can Work With Bannon

  1. LOL, you nailed it! McMaster is talking switchback gobbledygook in an effort to preserve face. But he’s got someone after him and he knows it. (Not just us.) So he’s covering his behind and hoping to hide behind nonsense. Go, McMaster, we’re right behind you and catching up!

  2. Deplorable Doctor // August 14, 2017 at 6:00 pm // Reply

    McNaster, Dina Habib, and the O’Vomit holdovers need to be FIRED NOW!

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