McMaster Let Rice Keep Security Clearance, Access To Unmasked Docs She’s Had Before

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Another example of incredible disregard for the security of the United States and its citizens and potential treasonous complicity in felonious espionage has been exhibited by none other than the top dog on the National Security Council, NSA HR McMaster.

It was revealed on Thursday by Circa News that almost a month after  Susan Rice was exposed as a prime suspect in the rogue and likely criminal unmasking of American citizens at the Obama White House, National Security Adviser McMaster sent her a letter confirming that she would be able to retain her security clearance.

In an undated, unclassified letter which was typed on plain letterhead that simply stated “The White House, Washington,” McMaster advised Rice that she would be able to keep her security clearance. He then devoted another paragraph to emphasizing that she will be able to access anything she had ever accessed before. Presumably that would include unmasked information about Trump team members or any other American unlawfully surveilled.

He wrote, “I hereby waive the requirement that you must you must have a ‘need-to-know’ to access any classified information contained in items you ‘originated, reviewed, signed or received while serving’ as National Security Advisor.”

He continued, “This decision is based upon my determination that: (1) that such access is consistent with the national security interests of the United States, and (2) that appropriate steps have been taken to protect classified information from unauthorized disclosure or compromise and to ensure that the information you access is safeguarded in a manner consistent with EO 13526.

It’s just more proof that McMaster is either incredibly irresponsible and naive or he’s got an agenda that he’s serving that has no similarity to that of the President and is not based upon what is best for our nation.

While still letting her have access to new information, what he has also done is give her, most egregiously of all, the means by which to go back and double check or review further the private files of those Americans she has already unmasked. Maybe there’s a detail she needs to perfect in her latest lie, being the notoriously bad liar that she is. Now she has the access.

What other possible reasons could she claim to have a need for looking at sensitive information now that she’s no longer in the government. It doesn’t matter, she’s already been given access. There’s nobody she needs to ask permission from. McMaster’s demonstrating more of that legendary globalist and deep state cooperation at work.

Just how does HR figure giving this known liar and power abuser access to secret data is, as he states in the first point, consistent with our national security? She’s a threat to the nation and to any individual she had unmasked and whose data she facilitated the distribution of. Does he understand anything about National Security?

As for the second point, appropriate steps taken to protect classified information from unauthorized disclosure – the appropriate steps would have been to deny her request, he did the most inappropriate thing in giving it to her.

Clearly McMaster is not an idiot so what is his basis for taking this reckless action? Is he working for the same establishment globalists as Obama was and simply following orders? There doesn’t seem to be any other explanation for it, which means we’ve got a serious situation inside the White House. Until President Trump corrects it we’re not much better off than we were for the last eight years.


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4 Comments on McMaster Let Rice Keep Security Clearance, Access To Unmasked Docs She’s Had Before

  1. Except for Miller and Bannon, IMO, the entire WH from top to bottom are there for the specific purpose to bring the campaigned agenda to an end. Until actions are taken for a populist win I’m leaning toward a “we’ve been had”.

  2. If anything is to be done, shoring up the security of the White House should be paramount. Reducing any form of security risks, especially in the I.T. arena, should be monumentally important because of where the information is coming from that is being leaked. Revoking Lynch’s security clearance would appear to be the first thing that needs to be done. I suppose Comey still has his security clearance along with Clinton, Podesto, Collusion Susan and other? No, with this investigation of Lynch, at least temporarily pull her clearance. She has no business getting into anything.

  3. Evil is pushing hard. We need to push back twice as hard!! Please, God, give us the strength and the courage to continue, and help where You can.

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