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What happens if you speak the truth to power on Hillary Rodham H R McMaster’s National Security Council? If you’re sounding the alarm about globalism and the Islamic takeover, you get canned by the globalist in charge, McMaster.

That’s what happened last month to Rich Higgins, a former Pentagon official serving in the NSC’s strategic-planning office as a director for strategic planning. Rosie Gray wrote in “The Atlantic” that Higgins had warned in a memo that “President Trump is under sustained attack from subversive forces both within and outside the government who are deploying Maoist tactics to defeat President Trump’s nationalist agenda.”

The problem for him with bringing that information to the attention of President Trump and others is that he worked, now past tense, for a guy playing a major in role in that subversion. He was fired on July 21st.

Higgins stated what many conservative, patriot Americans believe to be exactly the events that are unfolding in DC in the effort to sabotage the Trump administration. He wrote that Trump is being targeted by domestic and international threats including globalists, banksters, the “deep state,” and Islamists, many of which occupy more than one of those categories simultaneously.

His late May memo depicts the Russia, Russia, Russia as the plot that it is, an effort to sabotage Trump’s nationalist agenda. He pointed out what should be obvious to all, including the President, that globalists and Islamists are actively working to destroy America. Higgins included a set of recommendations, arguing that the threat constitutes a national-security priority.

Higgins warned, “Globalists and Islamists recognize that for their visions to succeed, America, both as an ideal and as a national and political identity, must be destroyed.” He argues that this has led “Islamists [to] ally with cultural Marxists,” but that “Islamists will co-opt the movement in its entirety” in the long run.

Two weeks ago Higgins was called into the White House Counsel’s office and questioned about the memo. That Friday, July 21’s he was fired by McMaster’s deputy, Ricky Waddell. The memo cautioned:

“In Maoist insurgencies, the formation of a counter-state is essential to seizing state power. Functioning as a hostile complete state acting within an existing state, it has an alternate infrastructure. Political warfare operates as one of the activities of the ‘counter-state.’

Because the left is aligned with Islamist organizations at local, national, and international levels, recognition should be given to the fact that they seamlessly interoperate through coordinated synchronized interactive narratives … These attack narratives are pervasive, full spectrum, and institutionalized at all levels. They operate in social media, television, the 24-hour news cycle in all media and are entrenched at the upper levels of the bureaucracies.”

Not only were Higgins’ NSC globalist counterparts unhappy about having their plans outed by one of their own, he was also a known ally of White House chief strategist Steve Bannon. Two reasons why the would be anxious to show him the door.

Additionally, Higgins had sounded the Islamic alarm bells, with a White House source telling Gray he had “pushed for declassification of documents having to do with radical Islam and Iran.” He had specifically been seeking the declassification of ‘presidential’ Study Directive 11, a classified report produced in 2010 by the Obama regime which predicted the Arab Spring, outlining unrest throughout the Middle East. The directive is seen by experts, such as Frank Gaffney, as evidence of the Obama administration’s links to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups.

Another piece written by Higgins detailed how “National Security officials are prohibited from developing a factual understanding of Islamic threat doctrines, preferring instead to depend upon 5th column Muslim Brotherhood cultural advisors.”

The Obama administration and to a degree Bush 43 loaded up the deep state with Islamists with Robert Mueller ordering the cleansing of the FBI training materials of any references to Islamic terrorism. Jihadi Jeh Johnson, as DHS Secretary, took the agency down a path of payments and capitulation to Islam and Islamic terrorist groups. We know the direction of Hussein Obama in the White House was anti-Christian, anti-American and pro-Islamist.

President Trump should stop listening to McMaster immediately and open his ears to what Higgins was so desperately trying to get him to pay attention to. If not for the sake of his Presidency, then for the sake of our nation and our futures.


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6 Comments on McMaster FIRED NSC Strategist For WARNING of GLOBALIST And ISLAMIST Threats

  1. Deplorable Doctor // August 5, 2017 at 10:39 am // Reply

    I say FIRE H R McMaster Pronto!

    • Doctor, I totally agree. Trump should send McMaster to Afghanistan. However, the question then becomes who to replace him with? Trump is rumored to be considering Bolton or Pompeo, both of whom would be disasters IMHO.

      Perhaps the position could remain unfilled? That would be better than McMaster.

  2. YES! “President Trump should stop listening to McMaster immediately and open his ears to what Higgins was so desperately trying to get him to pay attention to. If not for the sake of his Presidency, then for the sake of our nation and our futures.”

    Time is of the essence.

  3. remember folks.

  4. POTUS, get rid of globalist McMaster .. he’s your worst nightmare, he’s working against you. Hire Mike Flynn back.

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