Gen McInerney – Expect Japan To Arm Up After Latest N Korea Missile Launch

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The news reports describe the situation with North Korea’s firing of a missile over Japan as “tensions rising.” That’s undoubtedly accurate but it only tells part of the story as it is the result of increasing deliberate provocations by Kim Jong-un.

He’s undoubtedly going to keep pushing until he goes too far. The question is where will the world be when he reaches that point. The missile fired today reportedly traveled over northern Japan and broke into three pieces before falling into the sea.

Retired Lt. General Thomas McInerney says he’s very disturbed by the launch, describing it as “very worrisome.” An emergency alert system in Japan was activated as the missiles were approaching, not the kind of thing that will go unnoticed and without a response of some type.

McInerney believes this action will increase the tensions in the region, saying, “It’s clearly pushing Japan towards some self-defense or deterrent capability, and it should. They have nothing to respond, Liz, so they’re going to have to make a decision, are they going to build a response capability to any threat from North Korea.

He says, “And it’s going to drive towards it, it won’t happen overnight, because the Japanese are very careful at what they do. But I think you’re going to see more and more pressure with the Japanese government to be forced to deploy a weapons system that they can use to respond.”

There are weapons systems in place now aboard American ships and planes and land based in South Korea. A response capability is in place but the problem is still going to remain so long as Kim Jong-un is in power. There’s no easy, clean alternative to removing him from his leadership position.

A military buildup is likely in Japan’s best interest as every civilized nation should be able to defend itself from the uncivilized. But that is not a substitute for regime change. Normally it’s an undesirable undertaking of last resort but in the case of N. Korea, it’s the most appropriate action.

Somebody on our side, perhaps in South Korea, must be working on the means of getting to Kim to take him out. Hurry boys, you’re running low on time.

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2 Comments on Gen McInerney – Expect Japan To Arm Up After Latest N Korea Missile Launch

  1. Fred A. Hisle // August 29, 2017 at 12:12 pm // Reply

    The Dwarf bridge Troll needs to be shot with a 50 caliber round, or a Lapua 338; either one will do the job.

  2. I sure hope you’re right. A day, maybe three, with the right people sneaking through to take him out. Maybe. Possible. But if it doesn’t happen soon, little Kim is gonna get his wish and push somebody too far.

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