McConnell, WH, Sessions Considering Return To Senate, Replacing Roy Moore

AG Jeff Sessions may return to the Senate if Mitch McConnell gets his way and a write-in candidacy is successful. The White House is said to be discussing it in great detail…

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Is Attorney General Jeff Sessions considering a return to the Senate, running as a write-in candidate to regain his old seat? The idea is being kicked around, according to Mitch McConnell, who said Sessions “fits the mold” of someone who could win a write-in campaign.

McConnell has been in contact with the White House on the race but claims he is not optimistic about a Republican winning without having their name on the ballot. Speaking at a Wall Street Journal CEO Council event, McConnell said, “That’s very seldom successful.”

But the reality is that there is a building momentum against Judge Moore, partly festered by McConnell, who doesn’t want Moore to represent the state. He labeled Moore’s campaign as collapsing and agreed that a last-minute effort by Sessions to win back his former seat is a possibility.

In what amounts to an endorsement of the idea, McConnell said Sessions “fits the mold of somebody who might be able to pull off a write-in. Obviously it would be a big move for him and for the president. It’s an issue they are discussing in great detail.” That would indicate a decision may have already been made and the mechanics are being worked out.

If it’s an issue they are discussing in great detail and there is nearly universal dissatisfaction among Republicans, including Sessions himself, with the situations that have evolved with him as Attorney General and the failure to pursue Democrat criminals, it’s hard to see any objections from much of the GOP. President Trump might welcome the opportunity to put he special counsel out of business with an Attorney General who was not part of his campaign.

Those backing Judge Moore will likely resist, as will the Democrats and some establishment Republicans. They’ve put a lot of effort into railroading Moore and some of them won’t be too thrilled at having all of their work evaporate into a Sessions candidacy. Still the fact is that Judge Roy Moore could win and then the Republicans have to continue to deal with the fallout.

Sessions has shown himself to be more of a friend to the establishment than we realized during his tenure in DOJ. The corrupt Democrats should be thrilled with his misconduct to this point, so they may welcome a kindred spirit, a fellow good old boy back into the Senate. He’s shown us that his MAGA credentials were only skin deep in many ways. The Senate, where it’s all talk, much of it theatrical script reading, and little action, is where Sessions is most comfortable.

McConnell carried a threat with him in his message, aimed directly at Judge Moore and intended to dissuade his supporters. McConnell and the GOP establishment will be coming after him if he wins. He promised a rocky beginning to a short tenure in the Senate, saying, “If he were to be sworn in he would immediately be in a process before the Senate Ethics Committee under which women would be sworn in, he would be asked to testify under oath as well.”

There will be a lot of support for the idea, from Sessions himself to President Trump to the American people who were hoping the dual track justice system and criminality of the DOJ, State Department and FBI and intelligence agencies would be coming to an end with a “bulldog” like Sessions as AG. The worn-out old Shih-Tzu we ended up with has been a major disappointment. This would be an arrangement through which a lot of movement and face-saving could be facilitated.


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8 Comments on McConnell, WH, Sessions Considering Return To Senate, Replacing Roy Moore

  1. This is a great way to kill a number of birds with one stone.

    If Sessions announces he’s a write-in candidate, he must resign his AG job. That’ll make a bunch of people happy. If he runs as a write-in with all that GOP money, he’ll prolly get a lot of votes. Enough to assure Moore of losing. But, not enough to win. So, game over for both Moore and Sessions.

    Jones will become the new AL senator. That will really piss-off a large number of AL voters. And, since Trump refused to support Moore through the unproven allegations, the voters will be pissed-off at him… along with conservatives from a lot of other important states. Forget 2020 and forget getting a lot of GOP votes in the 2018 races for congress. So, the GOP majority will be lost.

    Steve Bannon’s support Trump initiative will be kapput,,, the Trump ‘movement’ will die… no chance of recovery. So, The Dem’s will take over both houses in 2018 rendering Trump’s final 24 months into lame duck status. The Dem’s will win back the Presidency in 2020
    because GOP voters will stay home. With total control, the Dem’s will resume their agenda towards socialism and global rule by the CFR. Forget the Constitution and rule of law.

    The biggest loser will be our Republic and we, the people. Great idea, Mitch.

  2. Robert Nackman // November 15, 2017 at 1:12 pm // Reply

    Sessions isn’t worth a damn as Attorney General make Judge Moore Attorney General and make Sessions go back to the Ass Clown Circus!

  3. I feel like I live in whacko land each and every day. I want Sessions gone and I want Mc CON gone. Enough of both of them but if Sessions does this then pray for the people of Alabama to continue to support Judge Moore and vote for him. They are still behind him.

    I believe Mc CON (short for con artist) is behind this along with the RINOS and the liberal left. There should be an open hearing on Mc Con and McCoward for their complicity in sedition against the people of this country and the USA. We could add more names to this list of RINOS but the two I named is a start right now.

    How many people find it odd that all of these loose women never came up during the run off against Strange?

  4. Why would Trump go along with such a hit job on Moore, when he himself has been subjected to the same kind of attack? If Sessions is going to offer himself up as Alabama’s write-in establishment Senatur, are the people going to willingly give up their right to choose their own Senator? The only way to drain this part of the swamp is to repeal the 17th Amendment, which was never properly ratified anyway.

  5. well.
    we NEED A REAL AG, don’t know who that should be?

  6. AG Sessions is a has-been and needs to be gone, a strong, Constitutional Legal Bull Dog who owes no one anything needs to be appointed AG. I feel Judge Moore needs to stay in the race no matter what the Dem’s and “Establishment” RINO’s say because Sessions or the other idiot will fight Trump on everything he’s trying to do!!! The Clinton Crime Syndicate needs to be legally taken down once and for all!!! We’re SICK to death of the BS we keep hearing and seeing on TV and Radio!!!! ENOUGH is ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!

  7. I will not cast my vote for swamp man Sessions, and I would hope those paying attention would not either. IMO, this says exactly where Trump is fi he goes along with it.

    If we lose this one and they succeed in thwarting the will of the people, I think our time is done and political action will never get the country back. Why didn’t they get these hos to come out during the primary? They, with Trump’s backing, figured they had it nailed for Big “crooked” Luther Strange.

  8. Hadenoughalready // November 15, 2017 at 7:01 am // Reply

    With Session’s reluctance to prosecute the Clintons, O’shitbag, Holder, et al, it would be best if he returns to his old job and lets Trump find a replacement; one WILLING to do the job he wouldn’t.
    I would gladly nominate Judge Andrew Napolitano for that position.

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