McConnell – Trump To Blame For Do-Nothing Congress – Just Wait Two Years

mitch mcconnell

If only Mitch McConnell were as creative in dragging obstructionist Democrats and his fellow never-Trump establishment GOP along in the pursuit of legislative successes as he is in rationalizing his failures, we’d be applauding his greatness and there’d be no need for excuses.

McConnell isn’t asking for a show of hands, possibly because a large number of them might have a single finger extended, but acknowledges to his audience that “everybody is saying we’ve been there and haven’t done anything.” He then says he finds that “extremely irritating.”  

Really? This little do nothing sellout to bribery by donors is irritated and getting pissy with Americans because we recognize he’s worthless and he’s serving himself instead of the people? Apparently his name is Mitch Kentucky and that Senate seat is his property.

He continues, telling his audience, “And I’m going to tell you why.” It’s the pretext for his attempt to convince them that it always takes two years for anything to happen in the Senate, as if his previous stints were any more productive. The only thing he does expeditiously is his frequent surrenders to the Democrats.

McConnell says, “A Congress goes on for two years, and part of the reason, I think, that the story line is that we haven’t done much is because, in part the President and others, have set these early timelines about things need to be done by a certain point.”

Part of those setting those timelines, McConnell, are members of the House of Representatives, which sends legislation to the Senate where you self-serving blowhards leave it to die, over and over and over again. Part of it is your own promises to do things and the unrealistic expectation that you will live up to it, such your Obamacare fiasco.

If you were supporting President Trump in his agenda instead of supporting the Democrats and establishment in their efforts to remove him from office, through the Intelligence committee and elsewhere, you’d have time to get things done. You’d have more focus and greater cooperation. Instead you’re a backstabber and receiving the same type of chaos you’re creating in return.

“Now of course our new President had not been in this line of work before”

McConnell goes on to blame President Trump for the people expecting him to produce results, saying, “Now of course our new President had not been in this line of work before.” Perhaps that explains his greater affinity for telling the truth and fulfilling promises to the American people.

Poor, misunderstood victim McConnell continues, “And I think, had excessive expectations for how quickly things happen in the democratic process. And so part of the reason I think people feel like we’re underperforming is because too many kind of artificial deadlines, unrelated to the reality of the complexity of legislating, may not have been fully understood. And of course, our political adversaries would love to say that anytime.”

So what I’m asking of you is to judge this Congress when it finishes. How much have we done to make America competitive again and to grow again, and that’s part of American, making America great again, which is what the President talks about so much.”

The President doesn’t talk about it in terms of two years from now, McConnell, and if he did he’d certainly be trying to work with a Democrat controlled Congress in both Chambers after the next election. As it is, under the feckless ineptitude and treasonous leadership in both the Senate and the House, he may face that reality anyway. Make America great again started seven months ago – where have you been?

This is another variation on the same theme McConnell has whined as long as he’s been in the leadership. Before it was always the GOP not having enough control, needing more seats. Now that they’ve got control, he had to come up with another angle to blather away his abject leadership failures and being a sellout. Like the rest of the establishment RINOs, he opted to blame the President.


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9 Comments on McConnell – Trump To Blame For Do-Nothing Congress – Just Wait Two Years

  1. Trump moves to fast for them getting things done, they are not used to moving at all and it is to much to expect them to get anything done. But the election is coming up!!

  2. Did you know that Congress and the Senate, and all government workers for that matter get their Obamacare subsidized at the tune of 70%? That’s why they don’t want the Obamacare bill to be removed. They don’t care about the little guy out there who won’t have insurance.

  3. Mitch and rest of the uni-party are doing better than their paymasters expected. I bet their payoffs will be even bigger this year since they are actually working to corrupt. The last 8 years they simply went along, now they actually work at obstruction.

  4. McConnell,you are nothing but a brain dead asshole.But don’t feel like I’m picking on just you.Your buddies are just like you.You assholes are scared shitless of TRUMP.All those millions of dollars you take from WE THE PEOPLE and stuff your pockets with won’t happen anymore.You and your dipship buddies aren’t going rule us anymore.Hurts doesn’t it asshole?

  5. You’re too old for the position, McConnell! If you need to “rest on your laurels” go home and rest in your easy chair. If you can’t do the job, give it to somebody who can! You’re not doing the job, efficiently or otherwise, and you need to go home!! Nobody wants a WUSS heading the Senate!

  6. This is why i voted for an outsider. These politicians are untrusted worthy.

  7. Shirley Freeland // August 9, 2017 at 10:07 pm // Reply

    I believe that Soros is padding the pockets of the people whose votes count in Congress. These guys in Congress are traitors to the American people and President Trump. Ryan and McConnell need to be replaced ASAP. Hopefully all these anti-American people who have been there for years will get voted out. Americans are getting sick and tired of Congress doing nothing to forward the progress of our Country. They are stopping the president at every turn. They gave the previous president everything he wanted and therefore he together with Congress destroyed our Country and brought it to its all time low. President Trump has already done a lot but look where we would be if they would cooperate. They are being hateful and despicable and the American people are getting really tired of it.

  8. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // August 9, 2017 at 8:43 pm // Reply

    what a Sad excuse for a Man..a little Whimpy soft spoken USELESS Repuke not even man enough to take the heat/BLAME. Disgusting little Repuke.

  9. Get a job with the Government and do your job or not do your job, it all pays the same.

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