McConnell, “Swamp First” Establishment RINOs To Blame For Moore Loss

Mitch McConnell is a “swamp first” political establishment hack who would rather see a Democrat in the Senate than an independent man of the people. He and Soros got what

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Establishment operative Mitch McConnell has convenient amnesia when it comes to assigning blame for what appears, barring a change through recount or the exposure of more voter fraud on the part of the globalist Democrats, to be a George Soros purchase of Alabama.

Now the state is represented by a pervert-enabling Democrat and his RINO comrade in the United States Senate. McConnell wants to blame the loss on Moore, Bannon and others outside of the establishment elite, who supported the Judge.

But McConnell and the GOP establishment can’t walk away from the fact that they supported a loser as well, and then undermined the candidacy of the choice of the people because he didn’t owe his allegiance to the swamp.

Not only did McConnell and other swamp creatures invest million in opposing Moore, they pulled their financial support during the critical last month and, like RINO Senator Richard Shelby, disparaged Judge Moore in public, in his case saying he couldn’t vote for him and that Alabama could do better.

Shelby went so far as to offer the idiotic and suicidal notion that everybody in the GOP should write in the name of a random candidate. Judge Moore was facing old and questionable allegations against him and found no friends in the GOP aside from President Trump. McConnell had as much or more to do with a Democrat winning as anyone.

In what appears to be a typical cowardly attempt to deflect criticism and point the finger of blame elsewhere, a former campaign manager for Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), Josh Holmes, tweeted a sarcastic thank you to Steve Bannon “for showing us how to lose the reddest state in the union.”

Bannon had nothing to do with the loss. He was supporting and campaigning for Moore all the way down the stretch. Where was McConnell? He’s probably too afraid to step foot into Alabama, due to his carpetbagger cash he flooded into the state for Luther Strange and he was nowhere near the candidate and did not endorse him in the end.

There were few allies in his fight against the Soros machine and the smear merchant globalist Democrats. Holmes called the defeat a “national embarrassment,” which it is, but it didn’t have to be this way. The DC Swamp creatures would rather have a Democrat in office than a man of the people. McConnell’s Democrat won, and that is a national disgrace.




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  1. Exactly right.
    The GOP is responsible for this and it furthers their agenda of globalism and corruption.
    GOP spent 30 million to keep the crook Strange.
    GOP aided in the lies against Moore
    GOP worked with Soros machine under mine Moore
    GOP told R voters they would not seat Moore
    GOP said they wanted a write-in candidate.
    GOP sent Shelby in to tell Rs to writes someone in.
    Sharpton, Soros found 1000s of criminals and illiterates who they registered and paid to vote Jones.
    Most all of the Urban areas, black, voted 90+% Jones.
    The university counties, probably also paid, and snowflakes went most for Jones
    It would have been difficult, but I believe they stuffed to votes.

    In an honest election Moore would have won in a landslide. If this is the shadow of things to come we are done.

  2. Kelleigh+Nelson // December 13, 2017 at 9:22 pm // Reply

    Rick, speaking of neo-cons, have you heard that treatment of cancer has been removed from Medicare? And McCain voted to eliminate it, while he gets free govt. treatment for his? Might be a rumor, but they’re gutting Medicare. They say it’s an entitlement that needs to be reined in. Excuse me? Damn right I’m entitled to it since I paid in all my life, just like I did with Soc. Sec. Why not rein in the welfare giveaway? Gads.

  3. Kelleigh+Nelson // December 13, 2017 at 9:19 pm // Reply

    Yes it stinks, bet me tons were brought in because it was a close race to begin with. Thank God this is only a two year term and they have to run someone else, I hope to heaven it isn’t Moore again, but someone even better. My husband’s family has been in Alabama for many decades and they told us that the rumors about Moore and dating young girls 40 years ago were all true, and many followed Shelby and wrote in people when they should have just voted Moore. There are just too many neo-con Trotskyites in the Republican party to overcome crap like this. Let’s see if goofy idiot Franken finally really resigns now.

  4. What is even more concerning is that people the caliber of McConnell and others continue to get re-elected. Why in hell does that happen??

  5. James Higginbotham // December 13, 2017 at 12:52 pm // Reply


    • how many buses did George Soros rent to bring in illegal voters or to transport between polling stations? it stinks, for sure, there needs to be a recount, at a minimum.

      • Josephine Marshall // December 16, 2017 at 5:20 am // Reply

        More should investigate all of the women that accused him. Their bank accounts should be checked out. I’m betting the Soros/Obama gang had something to do with the women who spoke up, just like with the President, at a convenient time. Ben, your post is probably right too. Too many Republican back stabbers in the swamp still. The President needs to get rid of all of the Obama left overs to start to clean house for one. McConnell and Ryan would be a good start.

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