McConnell Explains Health Care Motion Voting On Next Week

mitch mcconnell

After most Republican Senators joined President Trump for a White House lunch to arm-twist movement on the Obamacare repeal and replacement effort, Mitch McConnell made a statement to the press about what the next steps involve.

He noted that Vice President Pence, HHS Secretary Price and the head of CNS “will be on Capitol Hill tonight, working with some of our members who at least so far have gotten, uh, had some difficulty in getting to “yes.”

McConnell says, “Let me describe what ‘yes’ is. It’s the motion to proceed. We cannot keep the commitment we’ve made to the American people to repeal and replace Obamacare unless we get on the bill. So next week we’ll be voting to get on the bill.”

He continues, “I would remind those of you who don’t cover Capitol Hill that this particular type of bill is totally open for amendment. There’s no way I or anybody else could prevent members from having amendments that any fifty-one of us can pass and change the bill. But we cannot have a debate until we get on the bill. So next week we’ll be voting on a motion to proceed and I have every expectation that we’ll be able to get on the bill.”

Asked if the direction is towards repeal or repeal and replace, McConnell said, “I think we have two options here. There is a large  majority in our conference that want to demonstrate to the American people that they intend to keep the commitment that they made in four straight elections to repeal Obamacare.”

He said, ‘I think we all agree that it’s better to both repeal and replace, but we could have a vote on either. And if we end up voting on repeal only, it will be fully amendable on the Senate floor and if it were to pass without any amendment at all there’s a two year delay before it kicks in. So the takeaway from what I’m telling you is no harm is done by getting on the bill.”

It’s points out it’s “Wide open for amendment, no matter what I offer as a substitute first, it’s fully amendable.” He told the media, “What I want to disabuse any of you of is the notion that we will not have that vote next week. We’re going to vote on the motion to proceed to the bill, next week.”

He ignored several questions shouted at the same time, one of which was whether they would cancel all of the August recess, instead only stating again, “We’re going to have a vote on the motion to proceed to the bill next week.” So it’s a vote to consider getting off of your behinds and doing something, even if it’s wrong, Senator?


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5 Comments on McConnell Explains Health Care Motion Voting On Next Week

  1. The federal government needs to discontinue their discussions with the pharma and insurance companies. Pass the repeal bill and start developing a bill that phases the fed’s out of the ACA and transfers responsibility back to the states. They also need to pass tort reform legislation.

    The odds of them doing the above: between zero and zilch. Most members of congress are lawyers and won’t even think about tort reform. And, most of them receive a lot of money from the pharma and insurance lobbyists. So, they’re gonna be sure to keep control of health care insurance law in order to remain in position to provide subsidies to their friends. B’tards.

  2. There are no countries unless it would be Switzerland that has anything but the Socialist healthcare that is willing to let you die. That is why we need to stand and fight against the federal government being in the healthcare business. All that needs to be done is a FULL REPEAL and return our healthcare system to the people and the doctors and our choice of insurance as we had for years and years. We were the ones with our doctors that decided how we would proceed with our care not the federal government. The United States of America has always had the top healthcare in the World. Why do you think all the leaders of countries came here for their care? Even a Saudi Prince did and that was only a few months ago but he probably got what he wanted because he had the $$ just like our Congress that does not have to live under the obamacare because they have all the exemptions they want. We do not need the government involved and I have been fighting anyone even President Trump about NEVER replacing this as the feds cannot run the VA or other areas of health care for the Indian tribes. What we need is to remove McConnell and Ryan but are able to get our choices to lead.

  3. Why doesn’t Trump get together with countries that have a successful government ran health care or just opt out of the health care business. Hussein will hate a repeal because his royalties from Obama Care will cease. His cash cow will end. In order to have a successful health care plan, Trump will first have to get together with “Big Pharma”, the insurance companies and iron out a plan that allows no wiggle room for either to get out of. Cutting costs on prescribed medications from Big Pharma and cutting insurance premiums from the insurance companies will be a must. Until the Repubs have their proverbial sh** together, why try to ram this through another unprepared time? Chill out, regroup, iron out the problems and then nail it to the wall. As it stands now it will be another hit or miss. That is unwise.

  4. Either way is not really an option. Repeal Only, and the Government MUST get out of our healthcare! Perhaps in 2018, we’ll be able to elect a few republicans who care about the American people. TWO YEARS yet of Obamacare!! How awful is that!

  5. Even with a repeal only, they have two years to skim all the money they can and stack up more money laundering than we can imagine. If we don’t get a real opposition party, or a way to primary all these crooks, we will never get the country back.

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