McCarthy Legacy Of EPA Overreach, Failure Also Created Demand For Trump

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Those often derided fly over country “rednecks” proved to be too smart for her and that’s what ultimately really chafes Gina McCarthy’s leathery hide. She calls it not being able to sell rural voters on switching from fossil fuels to solar and wind.

They see it as not wanting to abandon real, and almost affordable energy for pretend, expensive and undependable energy that still requires a fossil system as a backup for when it’s night time or there isn’t any wind. An absence of facts and reality don’t slow McCarthy down a bit, as far as she’s concerned, it was a matter of her not finding the right words.

In an interview at EPA headquarters, McCarthy said, “We tried to change the outreach and messaging in rural America in a number of ways, but … has it changed the rhetoric that people hear? It hasn’t. We couldn’t get it, but I wish we had.”

That’s because they recognize BS when they smell it, McCarthy and you reek. She shoved stuff down the throats of people as best she could from throne in DC, where self-deception is commonplace. She just couldn’t pull it off in rural America where the truth still matters and where things still have to make sense or you don’t do them. 

The little climate Nazi implemented the “Clean Power Plan” over the objections of rural America, helped Obama and Clinton with their pledges to kill coal, and made the war on “climate deniers” her personal crusade. In shifting into full dictatorship mode, McCarthy told an October gathering of bug-eating bark gnawers who were hanging on her every word, “I don’t check out flat Earth society and I’m not talking to climate deniers. That’s it. Sorry, I know I’m supposed to be for everybody, but my patience has worn thin over eight years.”

Thankfully we flat-earthers won’t have to deal with her anymore and amazingly, pieces of the sky have suddenly and without explanation stopped falling on our heads. Her frustration at failure at EPA is similar to that of Eric Holder in DOJ, who lamented that he wasn’t able to force gun control upon us. It’s as if the globalists select the most offensive, unconstitutional affront to the American people in their particular area and set it as the benchmark for outstanding achievement.

As hard as Hussein Obama is pressed to find a legacy that will still be around after another year or two, McCarthy really doesn’t have to worry. As we are reminded in the Daily Caller, her positions and abuse on the energy front pushed many critical states into the Trump column. He may not have been able to win without her heavy handedness. To share responsibility for the election of Donald Trump is a legacy to be proud of, although she may not yet fully appreciate her accomplishment.

With Mr. Trump came Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt as her replacement at EPA. He’s the opposite of McCarthy, and assured of undoing much of the destruction of the Obama regime. The Clean Power Plan and the Paris Climate Hoax agreement will be quick to find their ways onto the chopping block.

McCarthy claims she’ll have the last laugh, that under Obama we’ve already gone too far to save us. She said, “The new EPA chief will come in here with policies he wants to implement and changes he wants to make.” But she doesn’t acknowledge that it will be possible, saying instead, “These are today’s technologies not yesterday’s,” that wind and solar are “the jobs of tomorrow, not of yesterday.”

On January 20th the non-existent jobs of tomorrow will officially become the non-existent jobs of yesterday, giving way to the real jobs available with real American energy. The last decade of decline was real too, and for her role in it, McCarthy can rest assured, her lackluster legacy is popping up all over the place.

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