John McCain will continue to exploit and antagonize America long after he’s gone in the form of his wife, Cindy, who is set to take over the “family Senate seat” upon…

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Senators who treat their seats in the Senate as literally being their own property, a small business of sorts, have an expectation that their spouse can take over if they die in office, and a nepotism-based succession will be the likely outcome when John McCain finally succumbs to his brain cancer. His financially and politically powerful wife, Cindy, is almost a certainty to be named to succeed him by GOP good old boy Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey.

Newsmax reports from two anonymous sources that Mrs. McCain wants the job and that the politics are lined up to give it to her. They quote one friend of the family since 1973 as saying, “I’ve always assumed that was the arrangement.” A former Republican Senator agreed, telling them, “I don’t know if this [succession] has been formalized, but that’s what people who know John tell me.”

That would explain why he’s been tying up a Senate seat when it’s obvious that he’s not returning to DC alive and doing so despite the close margin between Democrats and Republicans. If he resigned and the seat was given to his wife she’d be the one travelling to and residing in DC and away from him. 

It’s better from a self-service perspective for McCain to just hold on to his seat for a few months and let the GOP be down one vote in the meantime. That guarantees his wife her dream job and the ability to continue his legacy of corruption, which is, after all, what’s most important. Nothing really gets done for the nation in the Senate anyway, so his absence and the empty seat likely won’t make a bit of difference.

If McCain’s seat becomes vacant before June 1st, Arizona law requires a special election this fall. That would be the most advantageous situation for America, though clearly not the preferred situation for the McCain clan for several reasons and it could open the seat up for a Democrat.

If McCain holds on past the June 1st “deadline,” Arizona laws allows the appointee to serve more than two years, with a special election held in 2020. The current term expires in 2022. Interestingly, since 1931, wives of US Senators have succeeded their deceased husbands on eight different occasions, with the most recent being in Missouri in 2000.

For the many Americans who thought we were finally going to be free of the McCain curse in the Senate this can’t come as good news.  Undoubtedly wife Cindy will milk the “memory of ‘war hero'” John McCain for all its worth as the beer baroness utilizes the two year jump on the competition that her dead husband, his friend in the Governor’s mansion and her riches have bought her to solidify her position.

It could get even worse over the long haul. We could be getting daughter Meghan at some point. That’s probably planned for the next succession, when age or medical condition forces wife Cindy out of “the family business” in the DC swamp. They’ll find another globalist RINO for The View.


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