McCain – “We Can Bring Peace To Syria” Just Oust Assad, Put “McCain’s Militia” In Charge

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For all of you Arizonans who think that the guy in the video looks kind of familiar but you’re having trouble placing him, he’s your RINO part-time absentee pretend Senator, John “Monger” McCain. He’s speaking to America, not Arizona, in the midst of an all-out media blitz to drum up support for more attacks on Syria.

Of course he’s not in America, this time he’s not in Brussels giving a speech or in Georgia, Ukraine or wheeling and dealing from a Middle Eastern country. Songbird is making his pitch from beautiful Slovenia. Surely he’s got his reasons, probably financial. He only comes to Arizona when it’s time to get elected and he’s got five and a half years left before he has to pretend he cares about what you people think again.

McCain is praising his former adversary, President Trump now, because he’s doing the kind of thing he’s been pushing him to do, going after those dastardly Russians and Assad and flirting with starting another Middle East or bigger war. McCain is not being subtle. If the President gets any ideas about returning to a more non-interventionist policy, the favor that he’s found with the establishment neocons could just as quickly fade again and his new friends, the Democrats, could return to delivering their daily beatings. Does he really want to provoke Alice Sharpton aka Maxine Waters to open her big, foul mouth again?

He’s asked for his reaction to the apparent unwillingness of the administration to take any further actions than what they’ve already engaged in. If the purpose was to send a message it’s been sent and doesn’t need constant reinforcement, Trump is not Obama, they get that now.

Calling the President’s actions an important first step, war-monger McCain said, “But it’s now vitally important we develop a strategy, we put that strategy in motion and we bring about peace in the region. And that obviously means that there has to be a cessation of these war crimes.” There’s no such thing as peace in the region, McCain, the best we can do is keep them over there and us over here so that their constant bloodletting and in-fighting doesn’t become part of daily American life.

McCain wants to expand America’s role in the region to stopping all “war crimes,” something that the United Nations is supposed to be doing. You’ve heard of the UN, John, they’re those globalist folks who are conducting the investigation into the “chemical weapons attack” that we couldn’t wait for in order to get verification before we wasted $75 million in cruise missiles. We had to send a message and it couldn’t wait for verification of the proper recipient.

Why do we pay UN dues if we’re not going to let them perform the only function of any value that  they engage in? If America is the judge, jury and enforcer for all things in the Middle East and the world, why don’t these other nations pay dues to us and we’ll disband that useless organization and vacate their New York theater house.

McCain pushes for fighting shifting the focus of the fight from solely his ISIS and al-Qaeda allies to include his archenemies Assad and Russia. Why not throw North Korea into the mix too, you neocons can never get enough shock and awe. Who’s going to pay for it all, John and once you create the vacuum by getting rid of Assad, are you going to repeat the mistakes of Iraq and Libya. Gaddafi was playing ball with America but Obama, Clinton and “Monger” McCain wanted him out regardless. Are you proud of what you idiots created? Libya was a model society, wealthy and relatively free until you busy-bodies stuck your nation-building noses into it.

That’s the same mess he’s talking of creating now. Victory in Mosul and Raqqa combined with a plan for replacing Assad with McCain’s “freedom fighter” terrorists. That’s not a good plan Johnny Boy. Leave Assad in place and threaten his power and existence if he steps out of line. It worked with Gaddafi after Reagan targeted him personally with an airstrike and it would work with Assad if you gave it a chance.

It’s a lot cheaper and a lot more of a sure bet than the America-intensive strategy you’re peddling.

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2 Comments on McCain – “We Can Bring Peace To Syria” Just Oust Assad, Put “McCain’s Militia” In Charge

  1. shirley roberts // April 10, 2017 at 7:16 pm // Reply

    McCain is an ass and so is Maricopa female sheriff

  2. Sen. John McCain is a sick, jealous man and TRUE RINO!!! He was mad because he wasn’t elected President, then because Pres. Trump was the nominee and final winner. McCain is a One World Order Freak and one who wants what he wants for himself and the Establishment. I should know being I an AZ resident and voter. I watched as George Soros help fund his campaign and that of the new Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone to dump Sheriff Joe Arpio. The new sheriff says we are to call the Illegals “Guests” not illegals and is closing Tent City which has citizens very upset because those who were incarcerated there said is was a place you didn’t want to serve your time…..

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