McCain Vows To Make Syria Another Iraq War – Nation Building, Democracy, Economy Restoration

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John McCain said some concerning things in his interview on Fox, which appeared to be little more than a sales presentation for the escalation of the “War in Syria,” and his campaign to arm his terrorist buddies of ISIS, or as he prefers to call them when he’s making these pitches on TV, the “Free Syrian Army.”

In arguing his position, McCain says that “A precedent was established a long time ago when Ronald Reagan struck Libya after there had been a bombing in a disco in Berlin which killed Americans. I believe the President of the United States has the authority to carry that out.” He then deflects with the “much larger issue of the authorization for the use of military force,” but has raised some key points already, the precedent he cites was a deliberate attack by the Libyan government against a target known to be frequented by Americans, with direct evidence implicating them in its perpetration.

In this instance there were no American victims and no Americans targeted. We also have not yet seen any evidence that indicates the deliberate intent of the Syrian government nor proof that they were the ones responsible. Less than two weeks ago it was learned, after America had assumed responsibility for the deaths of 240 civilians in Mosul, that the Iraqi Army had determined the cause was actually an ISIS booby trap. While the President is privy to information that the American public in general is not, there has been no independent public declaration of responsibility for the chemical attack.

McCain states that it was a reaction to events that were so horrific that it required American reaction. War monger McCain says, “I believe that not only was the act itself important but the signal that it sent to the world from President Trump was as important.” That signal has not yet been specifically defined as the use of chemical weapons, the use of chemical weapons when it involves children, or the use of weapons in Syria of any kind if the target is civilians. Will barrel bombs draw a similar response and will ISIS be treated similarly if or when they behead children in Syria? What if they do so as members of John McCain’s “freedom fighters?”

McCain then goes on to make the same case he and Lindsey Graham have been arguing for years, including the arming of his al-Qaeda and ISIS rebranded jihadis, saying, “I would not expect more strikes but I would hope that we would reinvigorate our support for the ‘free Syrian army’ [ISIS, al-Qaeda], the establishment of a no-fly zone, and move forward.” Move forward, right, good idea, always good to move forward, Johnny boy.

He says, “This is important and it’s an important signal, but it’s the beginning of a departure from the failed policies of the last eight years and you’re not going to repair that overnight.” Some might argue it’s dangerously close to a return to the failed policies of the last eight years, or the eight before that.  McCain never saw an opportunity for  military intervention he didn’t love, and he’s been singing this song since the days when Joe Lieberman was part of his trio.

McCain goes on to applaud President Trump for listening to those who agree with his interventionist beliefs, effectively putting him on notice that he and Lindsey Graham expect more of the same in the future.

McCain also agrees with not waiting, not engaging in consultations prior to the action, although he doesn’t tell us why. What he seems to be applauding is the fact that he didn’t listen to Steve Bannon, and that’s not a good thing.

Hemmer asks the question that McCain doesn’t have an answer for, based upon the Libyan experience, who follows Assad if McCain’s al-Qaeda freedom fighters take him down.  He says you don’t walk away, “You’ve got nation building, democracy to try to instill, you’ve got to help restore their economy.” No McCain we don’t have to do any of those things. Our nation building needs to be done south of Canada and north of Mexico.

He also said that we need to be arming the Ukrainians with defensive weapons, a move which would only invite more Ukrainian aggression from his other favorite boogeyman, Vladimir Putin. Hopefully President Trump, the Fox fan that he is, heard this interview and realizes who he’s now allied himself with and the Iraq War model they are intent on following. That’s not what we heard on the campaign trail.

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