McCain – No Strength In Obama Regime, China, Iran Do As They Please

john mccain


Senator John McCain is asked for his perspective on a tweet by President-elect Trump to the Chinese government in which he tells them just to keep the submersible drone they stole. Jake Tapper asks if there is a strategy behind that, which there clearly is. The Chinese may be about to lose an asset of their own, permanently and without warning. Maybe one of those islands they’re constructing on someone else’s soil.

Of course Mr. Trump is not going to tip his hand in advance, but he’s likely setting the stage for future actions. By the time Mr. Trump gets into the White House it will be too late to prevent the secrets from being stolen, so the single drone is much less significant.

McCain expresses his concern that the Chinese could be reverse-engineering the sub in order to get their hands on the technology, something that may prove useful in their island confiscation and building program.

McCain says “the fundamental here is that the Chinese have taken an American vehicle, in international waters, in gross violation of international law.” He says, “Maybe they saw the success that the Iranians had after they captured two American vessels and put American sailors on their knees, and then when they were returned the Secretary of State thanked them for that.”

“Look, there’s no strength on the part of the United States of America, everybody’s taking advantage of it and hopefully that will change soon. He adds, “It’s almost unheard of, Jake, for American vehicles and ships in international waters to being taken by another, Iranian or in this case Chinese ship in gross violation of international law. They’re flaunting it.”

They seem to be making a calculated move to time their aggression during the Obama regime rather than during the incoming Trump administration. They know Obama will wring his hands and make excuses, allowing them to get away with it. Now they’ve got to try to figure out the significance of the tweet. What lies ahead for them on January 20th.

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