McCain, RINOs Getting In The Way On Border Wall, Immigration Enforcement

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It’s understandable that comments made on foreign soil by RINO John McCain wouldn’t be covered in the mainstream media, particularly when they support current anti-American policies and are intended primarily for foreign consumption.

The Arizona Senator made a recent trip to Mexico, conveniently timed for just before Christmas, when most of the media types are off buying “holiday” gifts and attending “holiday” parties. While he was there he discussed the relationship between Mexico and the United States. He didn’t do so in realistic terms, as in that of a small but manipulative, ill-tempered wife who knows she has her large, good-natured husband by the child-support short hairs. She’ll get the house and kids too if he ever tried to leave, so she abuses him at will. John McCain is the domestic counselor in that relationship, telling the hapless husband what a great life he has and how lucky he is to have found such a fine woman willing to have him.

McCain met with Mexico’s Interior Minister and other government officials and proclaimed what we already have known since long before his “just complete the danged fence” or “comprehensive immigration reform,” gang of eight days. He’s not, as Sheriff Babeu oddly claimed in the 2010 video, “one of us.” McCain is one of them, one of the globalist establishment fighting to keep the borders open, the illegals pouring in and the money flowing out of the pockets of everyday Americans.

While he was in Mexico, amnesty John admitted that he shares the view of most Senate Democrats that any border security changes should be part of a huge immigration bill, the easiest format for hiding “beneficial” nuggets and pretending to be doing something while you’re not. He recommended a rehashing of the amnesty bill he and his fellow seven anti-American traitors proposed in 2013. McCain also affirmed the need for the ambiguous and meaningless, as dispensed by his mouth, term of “border security.” To hear DHS’ Jihadi Jeh Johnson and McCain’s Democrat soul mates describe our current situation, the overwhelming flood of people is “border security.” Democrats define things differently.

McCain said, “I believe that we need to have significant improvements in border enforcement, but I believe the way that you do that is technology primarily.” Fences and walls can be tough to get around or over. With technology, you simply don’t monitor the equipment or turn it off after the pressure for security subsides and the American people go back to sleep. Bingo, the sieve returns.

But McCain fails to note there is no need for any legislative changes to secure the border, the laws are already there if they were only being enforced. McCain, Graham, Flake and Rubio want to serve their globalist masters by slipping some new quotas, permissions, restrictions on enforcement or whatever they have up their sleeves past the American people when all we need is the will of a representative Congress and the President to enforce the law and complete a structure that was already approved back in 2006, the fence or wall.

Democrats aren’t concerned with what’s best for America, and that includes the RINOs. Mexican Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu met with Paul Ryan in Washington, DC, on Dec. 14 to discuss the U.S.-Mexico relationship. She also met with Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland, the top Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee. The topic was not keeping her invading citizens out or repatriation, but rewarding those who were already here, what she described as “protecting younger undocumented immigrants.” Creating anchor babies and then rewarding their parents with preferred status is not a new concept, it’s one Obama used as one of his many excuses for allowing the invasion to continue.

Rep Mike McCaul (R-TX) said in a December 7th speech at the Heritage Foundation, “We must start with an immediate border security ‘surge.’  We have started to work on emergency plans in Congress to build the tough array of barriers we need along the border, close all gaps and defend American sovereignty.”

If they close those gaps and staff the border as needed, cut off the financial support and then simply return those here illegally as they have been done in years prior to the Johnson / Obama outlaw regime, the laws are in place and they work. Penalize lawbreaking employers with fines already on the books and watch the “help wanted” signs go up for American workers. Count the minivans on the highways pointed south to get a good job in Mexico before everyone else gets there.

It’s the lack of enforcement that is the problem, and that is the easiest component to correct. We don’t need any advice or input from either of the two Arizona RINOs on this issue. We just need them and the elites that pay them to shut the heck up. We’ll complete the danged fence.

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10 Comments on McCain, RINOs Getting In The Way On Border Wall, Immigration Enforcement

  1. Good writing and so true! I live in AZ and McCain is an embarrassment! We have lots of areas that are like walking into mexico.

    • Deanna, it would be really good if the folks in Arizona could round-up a couple of good candidates to replace McCain and Flake. The two of them are giving your state a bad rap.

  2. Eldon Andersebn // December 31, 2016 at 1:28 pm // Reply

    McCain you need to be investigated
    For what you Song Bird did in VN!!!!

  3. Freddie Arthur Hisle // December 31, 2016 at 10:01 am // Reply

    Traitor mcStain will undermine Trump every chance he gets; the same with linseed grahamcracker.

  4. DIE, McINSANE, just die (and to be especially good for humanity, do a murder/suicide for your fellow RINOS


  6. McCain and his war-mongering pals persist in their disregard for the new game in town. They still think they have meaningful influence in that corrupt little world they live in. It appears they will only learn the hard way.
    I wish the canary of N Viet Nam would come to Georgia and talk to us the way he does when he’s out of the country.

  7. “Dishonest John” has been a pain in the American posterior for years.

  8. In addition to getting rid of the anchor baby nonsense and cutting off all the social freebies (healthcare, education, food stamps and whatever else they are given, there should be a mandatory prison sentence for employers who hire illegal aliens, perhaps one year per hiree per incident? Fines don’t work.

  9. Dr. Deplorable // December 31, 2016 at 6:57 am // Reply

    Old John McCain’t is one Dumb Satanic Fool!

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