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John McCain isn’t doing the American people or President Trump any favors by returning to the Senate immediately following his chemotherapy treatments for cancer.

That’s probably what motivates him. He’s only got a limited amount of time to stick it to President Trump and “those racist, small-minded rednecks” who voted for him. His days of trading influence for money and power are drawing to a close – time is critical.

Politico reports that McCain will return to Washington next week, providing the Senate GOP with its full complement of 52 votes. With McCain there’s no certainty that he’ll be voting Republican, as he proved with his vote against replacing Obamacare. He’s just as much returning as the Democrats’ 49th vote.

As chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, McCain is expected to lead the debate over the National Defense Authorization Act, and in the process, attempt to overrule President Trump’s ban on gender-confused recruits and cross-dressers.

Two  of the usual suspect Senators, Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) and RINO Susan Collins (ME), are attempting to reverse President Trump’s ban on transgender service members. They’re beginning by offering an amendment to the NDAA forcing the military and American people to continue to fund the physical manifestations of transgender mental illness on existing personnel through surgery and medications until the military completes a study and sends it to Congress.

John McCain doesn’t want to miss a chance to lecture President Trump on just how inhumane he is to not allow perverts to exploit normal people. McCain has already spoken against the President’s action to ban transgender recruits and is reported to be onboard in support of his anti-Republican establishment colleagues. Of course he is.

RINO McCain said on Friday, “The Pentagon’s ongoing study on this issue should be completed before any decisions are made with regard to accession. ” He said forcing active service transgenders out of the military “would be a step in the wrong direction.”

Don’t you mean a swish in the wrong direction, Senator? Arizona is beautiful in September, Senator. Maybe it’s you who is taking a step in the wrong direction by heading east to your DC Swamp habitat. Think about it.


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