McCain Wants To Be Remembered As Serving His Nation Honorably

john mccain

Jake Tapper interviewed his comrade John McCain and asked him about his legacy, the thing that all of these politicians suddenly become concerned about when their days of pillaging and exploiting the United States are drawing to a close.

Tapper said, “I hope this is not our last interview, I know a lot of people want to interview you.” McCain quips that “a lot of people wanted to be the last.” They laugh at his observation but it’s true. Tapper says, “I hope I don’t run this clip for another fifty years, but how do you want the American people to remember you?”

McCain replied, “Uh, he served his country.” If the meaning is as he served us up on a tray to our enemies, profiteers and globalists he’s got no problem, his position is secure. Count on it, Johnny.

Now he admits, “and not always right. Made a lot of mistakes. Made a lot of errors, but served this country, and I’d hope we could add ‘honorably.'” You took a lot of actions that were detrimental to this nation or failed to act in our interest.

Remember stepping on a resolution to investigate the background and security clearances of Huma Abedin, McCain, and demeaning the patriots in the House who had called for it? Who knows how much damage could have been avoided if we had responded to that serious security breach at the time.

Nope, that word, “honorably,” has no business in any sentence referencing the sellout globalist. It simply does not apply to him. You could describe his legacy as “he served himself,” or “he served those who purchased him” and leave it at that.

Libtard Tapper pronounces this anti-sovereignty operative as having served “honorably.” We’ll have to disagree on that point Tapper, like everything else that comes out of a screen bearing a CNN logo.

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