McCain Not Outraged, Jokes About Release Of Classified Info By Washington Post

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Never-Trump RINO John McCain quotes the anti-Trump propagandists at the Washington Post in Senate Hearings as if they are somehow a legitimate news source, reading their smear of the day and declaring it to be coincidentally released on the day of the testimony of the four intelligence and law enforcement panelists. McCain surely knows that the Washington Post is nothing but a leftist, establishment propaganda outlet and that there is nothing coincidental about the timing of the publishing of another dubious, damaging article.

He quotes the article, saying, “Top intelligence official told associates Trump asked him if he could intervene with Comey on FBI – Russia probe. After a few raised eyebrows for effect, McCain continues, saying, “It goes into some detail, I’m sure you’ve read the article. And uh, it’s more than disturbing, obviously, if it’s true, that the President of the United States is trying to get the Director of National Intelligence and others to abandon an investigation into Russian involvement, it’s pretty serious.”

Anything that is attached to the “R” word is “pretty serious” to McCain, like the phony dossier he hand delivered to James Comey that made disgusting allegations about President Trump and Russian prostitutes.

McCain says, “I also understand the position that you’re in, because it is classified information and yet, here it is on this morning’s Washington Post in some detail. I’m sure you’ve read it.” Why not call Jeff Bezos into Senate hearings and charge him with espionage for releasing classified material to the public, Senator McCain, if you really think it’s a problem and want to clean things up?

Coats indicates that he’d be willing to discuss the content of that article in a private setting, as it is classified regardless of the actions of the Washington Post in potentially releasing it to the world.  

McCain calls it Orwellian that the DNI can’t discuss what’s in a published article. Clearly, like many other things, the definition of the term Orwellian is something that McCain doesn’t have a firm grip on. There is nothing Orwellian about not discussing classified information in a public forum.

The fact that no discussion of taking action against the Washington Post for publicly releasing national security secrets in an effort to target the threatening President who represents the people of the United States is closer to being Orwellian. McCain is joining with the rest of the Senate in committing that offense against our nation and this President.

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